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1st Trimester

Diet plan ideas, worried about gaining weight.

7 weeks pregnant and this is my first, I'm freaking out about gaining weight.   I'm already about 15 lbs over my normal weight (just married in March, we both got lazy) so gaining more is really freaking me out, I know I need to eat healthy and hit the gym but any plans that are working out there to help me get started?  


Re: Diet plan ideas, worried about gaining weight.

  • Talk to your doctor about your concerns.  S/He can tell you what is and isn't healthy to do while pregnant.

    Remember, your growing a human being, you're supposed to gain weight. 

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  • I had concerns early on about gaining alot of weight during pregnancy and spoke with my OB about it. 

    Her advice was don't look at it as eating for 2.  She has consistantly reminded me at appointments to eat frequent small meals, eat when hungry and try and make healthy choices.  Obviously I have not cut out fast food, donuts, chips entirely but I do try to make smart choices whenever I can...or am willing to.

    As far as exercise is concerned you will have to speak with your doctor about that one.  I have continued being as active during pregnancy as before I got pregnant.  I continue to hike 5 days a week, keep up with a very physical job.  The only thing I have recently stopped is back is too damn sore for that anymore!  I am looking into doing more swimming as it is easier on my joints and still a great exercise.  Speak with your doctor they will give you great advise on what will work for you and your body during pregnancy.  We are all so darn differant.

    Congratulations and best wishes during pregnancy...dont freak out.  Weight gain is inevitable for all of us!

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  • Normal typical weight gain during pregnancy is 25 to 35 lbs.  if you are already an extra 15 lbs heavier, talk to your midwife or OB about realistic expectations for this pregnancy.  Maybe that means only 20lbs. I too am up over 20 lbs since my wedding.  Although I think 15 to 20 additional would be realistic for me, I'm also open to gaining more if it happens.  We can always exercise and eat healthy after the baby s born to get back down to our ideal weight.  Its hard to limit and restrict when our bodies are going through so many physical and hormonal changes.
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  • Talk to your doctor. He/She can refer you to a nutritionist to maximize the nutrition during your pregnancy. Honestly though, try to cancel the numbers out in your brain. Put away your scale. Focus on nutrition only. Some women, no matter how healthy they eat, put on weight. That is just what their body does. 

    Everyone has an individual reaction to pregnancy. Another poster on my BMB loses weight. She eats normally and jokes that pregnancy is her "best diet". It all has to do with how your body deals with pregnancy.

    Please try not to stress about weight. You need to gain for a healthy baby.  

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  • You're pregnant. You WILL gain weight. But if it helps, keep in mind you only really need an extra 300 kcals per day to sustain baby's growth, and that's not even till 2nd and 3rd tri. Try to stay away from the eating for 2 mentality if you're worried.




  • couldnt have said it better
  • The other ladies have given great advice.

    I am also worried about gaining too much weight, specially as I dont have MS and already have a ravenous appetite and cravings. I am trying to make healthy choices. So when I crave a cookie I eat a granola bar - still sweet, still crunchy but a better choice. When i crave chocolate I dip strawberries into a bit of melted dark chocolate chips (thinned out with skim milk. it really hits the spot and I am eating something good for me at the same time...

    I have been packing healthy lunches, and today instead of my salad i wanted a burrito. I promised myself that after I finished the salad if i still wanted the burrito I would go get it, but after eating the salad I didnt really want the burrito anymore...

    Its working for me, so many it would work for you to. Healthy sub first and if the craving persists then give into it.




  • Eat healthy and don't worry about the number on the scale. If you follow this rule the weight should come right off. I was good until my 3rd tri when I pigged out. I gained 45lbs in total lost 20 lbs the 1st week after delivery. I lost another 10 lbs over the next few months. The weight I gained in my 3rd tri seems to be the hardest to lose. Breastfeeding has helped me a lot too. Also find a fun and safe exercise to do. I did Zumba until 8 months.

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