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Creating Profile Books

DH and I are getting close to the stage where we are going to start creating our profile book for BMs.  What online sources did you use? Our agency has some guidelines but I wanted to get some ideas where to start.

Some restrictions:

No hardbound books (our agency works with a partnership of agencies in the Pacific Northwest so they have to easily mailable), just plastic covers kind of like the ones you would use for reports in schools.

8.5 x 11

Not scrapbook style (no 3D pieces, trinkets, etc) 

 Any ideas? I am computer savvy but do not have full access to a lot of design software.  


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Re: Creating Profile Books

  • We used blurb books- they can be done in softcovers and are really easy to use. But if the agency is really looking for more of a three hold binder type of thing with a plastic cover it won't work for you.
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  • We are using mixbook but I have made books with both snapfish and shutterfly before (I usually make them when I have a coupon code). All three allow for soft cover books that are 8.5 x 11. Maybe peruse the styles the offer and see if something stands out? Also, ask you're agency if they have found one site that works better for their requirements.
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  • our agency doesn't allow bound books, so we were stuck with using powerpoint.  there is also a program you can download called memorymixer (i think the download was $35 or $45).  it's kind of a scrapbooking thing.  it seems like it would be good b/c you can do different backgrounds, graphics, layouts, etc, but i'm not really into scrapbooking, so it just seemed time consuming and annoying.  although looking at other people's profile books, i might wind up redoing ours to give it a little more pizazz.

     good luck!!!

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