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Sharing Rooms: 4, 2, newborn

DH and I have an accepted offer on a house that was a GREAT deal in a super neighborhood. B/c of the deal, we went for it even though it does not have the 4 bdrms on one floor that I really wanted...really wanted the kids to have their own rooms...just seemed easier. There is another room on the lower level but I'm not comfortable putting someone down there at such a young age. So, 2 kids probably will need to share a room. Would you have 4 year old DD share with 2 year old DS, and have the baby have her own room for now? That is what I'm leaning towards. Or, I could have the 2 girls share and make the room really cute and girly, but it seems hard to have the baby share...getting up at night, lots of naps, etc.
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Re: Sharing Rooms: 4, 2, newborn

  • My 3.5 DS & 1.5 year old DD share.  We had to move them togther temporarily about 6 months ago, but they did well so we left them.  Then I found out I was pregnant so we just left them and plan on doing baby with us for awhile then in extra room.






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  • I would have your DD and DS share a room.  That is what we will be doing for a bit when LO arrives.  I think they will really enjoy it and will be much easier for the baby to have his/her own room.  All that waking up in the middle of the night would be tough I think with another child in there.
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  • My friend's family has their 4 year old DS share a room with their 2 year old DD.  The baby is in a room by herself. 
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  • I have done both. My 2 yr old and 6 month old shared a room and it really worked out well! They never woke each other up, and my 6 month old did not sleep through the night till he was over 2!

    Then the baby had his own room for 2 years. But, when we switched things up and moved the baby... okay he was 2 and a half years old in with my 4 yr old, it was a disaster for a couple of months. We moved my oldest in to his own room then. Then a few months later we moved, it worked out perfectly... since the 2 youngest did not want to sleep in their own rooms!

    I am glad I put the two youngest together... it was helpful for my youngest to learn how to share a room and worked out well when traveling. In addition the two younger guys always go to bed at the same time. They are 3 and 5 now. And our 7 yr old gets to stay up a little later.
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  • We have a similar situation as yours.  Four bedroom house with 3 upstairs and 1 down.  The downstairs room is a renovated master suite with the original house master upstairs with 2 other bedrooms.  We don't want to be that far away from the kids at this age.

    DH and I have the upstairs master.  DD1 &2 (ages 4&2) share a room.  DD3 will go into the nursery.  We moved the older girls together about a month ago and it's taken some adjustment.  DD1 will do quiet time in my room most days.  Neither of the other girls stayed long in our room so I wanted the baby's room ready to go.

    I'd wait till your younger DD is ready for a big girl bed and than put the girls together.  By that time, the oldest will probably start having more privacy issues about sharing with her brother anyway.

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  • imagecmeon_the_water:

    My 3yo DD and 5yo DS are sharing a room (though we have enough rooms for them to have their own) because they want to right now. All we use the room for is sleeping and quiet time, so it works out fine for the time being- we'll probably move her into her own room this summer.

    If you're going to have the baby in your room for awhile, you could just get the big kids settled into their own rooms and stick the baby into one of their rooms when they're a little older and their sleep has improved. DD has been in with DS since she was 18mo or so, but, would've been fine a little earlier, I think.

    Did your 18m old go into the room in a crib or into a bed? I'm struggling with what to do with my DD and DS once the new baby comes.  DD will be close to 4 and DS will be about 19m when they MUST start sharing though it could happen at any point now if it would be best to go ahead and do it.  I'm worried that DD might throw toys into the crib 'to give them' to DS and hurt him or climb into the crib with him.  I don't know.  What did you do?

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