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DRC mommas! Help?

Hi, we are new here. We have begun the first (tiny baby) step in international adoption! I have a question I can't seem to find the answer to and was wondering if anyone could tell me or lead me to the correct info.

i read that DRC only will allow adoptions if there are 2-3 children max already in the home. We have 4 children. So, my question is, why the limit? Also, I did read they make exceptions. What would those exceptions be?  I felt drawn to this country and want to fully understand before we get to  much further into this. We have not chosen an agency yet either or else I would have just asked them. Thanks in advance for the help! 

Re: DRC mommas! Help?

  • We are adopting from the DRC.  We have completed our home study and are waiting for our 1600A to go through.  I am not sure why they limit the number of the children in home.  I actually don't remember that stipulation, but we only have two children currently, so I may have overlooked that.  Every country is different in terms of requirements, and honestly, DRC seems to be one of the most lenient.  You will probably just have to ask an agency about exceptions.  Our agency, MLJ Adoptions, completes more adoptions to the DRC than any other agency combined, so they would be a good resource for you on that question.  Sorry I'm not more help!  I hope you hear more from you on this board!!  Good luck with everything!  

  • This popped up in a Google Alert, so we thought we could answer it really quickly. The DRC does have a limit on number of children in a home; however, waivers can be applied for. We have never had a problem obtaining a waiver for a family, although we have heard that not everyone can obtain a waiver. I hope that helps!
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