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Postpartum Depression

At what point is this ppd?

Hi girls.

My son was born almost 5 weeks ago. Our journey to have him was pretty rocky, as we lost our first two babies. My pregnancy was, understandably, unbelievably stressful as I was sure we would lose him as well. Looking back, I hardly enjoyed any of it and now miss that experience.

I love my son dearly and I fought for his survival for so long. However, now that he's here, I find myself grieving my old life with DH. I feel like my son deserves so much better. I'm constantly sure he's about to die. At the same time, I just desperately want my carefree life with DH back.

I'm 5 weeks out. Is this normal or should I make a call?

Thanks girls.

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Re: At what point is this ppd?

  • Call! I waited a long time before seeing my doctor (4 months) and now that I'm getting help I feel so much better, I wish I wouldn't have waited. They're only little once, don't spend it dealing with PPD. 
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  • call. once you start getting help and/or taking medication, you will be so thankful you did. and you'll also be able to see that what you're feeling now isn't normal (but it happens, and good for you for recognizing something may not be right).
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  • I would definitely call! ::hugs::
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