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should i bring my mom?

i have my agency meeting tomorrow and i don't know whether i should bring my mom or not. she wants me to keep the baby, i'm hoping maybe the counselor might be able to talk to her about how you know adoption can be good, and that she should still be able to see the baby. maybe from a neutral party she'll accept the info?
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Re: should i bring my mom?

  • Tough call, and I say go with your gut.  You want someone there who will be supportive of what you feel you need to do.
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  • Up to you, you know your mom best. Our agency told us that adoptions fail most frequently when the birth grandmother isn't on board... So, it might be important for her to hear something from an adoption professional, it might also not help.
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  • It might help her understand. Maybe the agency can give her some real life examples of open adoption in action. Wishing you good luck! (((Hugs)))
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  • I agree that you should go with your gut. I hope that if you bring your mom it can help ease her mind about any worries she may have about adoption.


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  • i decided not to bring her, i'm gonna bring her to the next one though. the couple was nice, i think i'm gonna match with them.
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