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Where were you when you went into labor?

I have the general impression that most moms go into labor after they've gone to bed, but wanted to see if that's been everyone's experience. This is my first and I'm trying to figure out a way to calm myself so I don't feel like a constant ticking time bomb. Also, if you could, please spare me scary details or advice that will leave me conflicted about what to do during labor...it's hard to put my finger on exactly what that advice might be, but "Don't trust your doctor" comes to mind. :)

Re: Where were you when you went into labor?

  • I went into labor with both girls while I was in bed. With DD1 my water broke at 3 a.m. at 37 weeks 6 days. I had her at 12:20 that afternoon.

    DD2 woke me up with strong contractions at 4:45 a.m. at 40 weeks 4days. I had her at 1:05 that afternoon.


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  • I had just worked an 8 hour shift and got home about 11:30 PM. I stayed awake watching T.V. and had a bowl of ramon noodles. At 3:00 AM I was just about to go to bed and my water broke.
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  • Thanks for sharing, guys! I realize I could read through the posts everyone has left on this entire board, but I'm nervous about finding out details that might haunt me during me during my own labor. Thus, I'm doubly thankful for your responses.
  • With my first I woke up around 4am and new I was in real labor and we delivered at about 8 am. It was fast!
  • My water broke at work! 
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  • My water broke at 4pm while getting a pedicure at a nail salon.
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  • I had bloody show at 7am, went back to bed, woke up to contractions at 10am, water broke at 10:30, had the baby at 2:31pm.
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  • My water broke first, right as I was getting into bed at night!
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  • In bed, both times. With DS1 I was just waking up at 8:00 am when the first contraction hit. He was born 16 hours later, just after midnight. With DS2 I was in bed in the middle of the night, sleeping, when my water broke. Contractions started half an hour later; I was still in bed, hoping to catch some sleep. I had a fast and furious labour and he was born just two hours later.
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  • With my first child, Gavin, my labor started when I was walking to my car on the way home from Target. My water broke in the car on the way home, but my contractions started in the parking lot of Target. I still drove home. My second baby, Lyla, I woke up with blood in my underwear at 2am, went to the hospital, and Lyla was born at 8am. My fastest labor. Labor didn't officially start with her until 4am ish. And Kyden's labor started in the middle of the day. I had 72 hours of false labor beforehand and then 6 hours of false labor the 26th into the 27th of September. On the 27th at 3pm I got my first contraction real contraction and my water broke. Kyden was born the 28th.
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  • I was at home playing cards with dh. My labor truly started at 10:30pm after being on again/offagain for a week.
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  • DD I went into labor @ 36w5d at work around 6-7pm but didn't acknowledge I was in labor till 4am the next morning.  She was born via repeat c/section at 7:45am.

    DS I never went into labor. I secretly hoped my water would break b/c I really wanted to see what that would feel like LOL.  I delivered him via repeat c/section.

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  • My water broke as I was laying in bed reading at 9pm. 
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  • imagekpaivel:
    My water broke first, right as I was getting into bed at night!

    This for me too at 37 weeks exactly. Ds was born 23 hours later. 

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  • my water broke at 5 AM in bed
  • My water broke about 9pm at home after watching a movie. 
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  • I was at home. I got up to pee around 3am, got back into bed and then my water broke. I was like.....you couldn't have done that 30 seconds ago lol.
  • I woke up around 1 a.m. with strong contractions but was only 33 weeks 5 days so went to hospital around 2:30 a.m. My water never broke on it's own and after they did it for me, I was honestly glad I wasn't in my bed or car (although not everyone's water breaks all at once, my cousin's "leaked" to a point she was able to keep it clean lol) my DS was born at 11:40 a.m. Other than being early, I was able to keep all interventions out (pain killers, internal fetal heart monitor, and c-section) until he was out and sent to NICU. Keeping a calm mind and quiet calm environment (IMO) was extremely helpful in aiding a smooth delivery. Smile
  • I was at Coldstone's eating some delish coffee ice cream :)

    best night everrrrrrr.

  • 6:20 pm my husband and I were hanging curtains in the nursery and my water broke.  I was at 38 weeks and I only had a 2 hour labor.  Baby was born at 8:20 pm. In terms of labor (and I mean this in a very non-scary way) you may not have any big decisions to make.  The baby really makes them for you.  That was not only my experience, but has been the experience of all of my friends, whether their labor was short or long, and whether baby was early or late. 

  • I was induced 10 days past due date. I was in a hospital bed when I went into labor. Smile
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  • At home.  Woke up to pee at 7:30am and as I sat up in bed my water broke.  Had DS at 6:04am the next day.  Long labor but I would do it all over again
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  • Home.
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  • With DD#1 I was already at the hospital admitted for pre-e, and I was laying in bed, thinking I just peed myself. I even asked the nurses to check me.

    With DD#2 I went to L&D because I was having contractions and I was hoping they be able to stop them, which they could not. 

    Both times I was in the hospital when labor started, thank goodness. DD#2 came much faster (think 30 minutes from the time active labor started, until I delivered). 




  • With my daughter i was 100 effaced and 10cm dilated ready to push, and the doc still had to break my water. With my son, i was at the hospital sitting on the toilet to give the nurses my pee sample. It just felt like a pop, completely painless.
  • I am a teacher and I went into labor at school.  I was in labor all day, but I didn't think I was at first.  Shortly after lunch I decided that I should start timing them to see and they were 6-8 min. apart.  Because I was teaching I couldn't always start the timer immediately.  They were not very intense yet so I didn't think I was in labor so I waited till my doctor's appointment and by then they were 3 min. apart.
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