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16 Week 2D/3D Ultrasound - Gender Determination

Anyone else scheduled to have a 2D/3D ultrasound to determine gender this week? I am supposed to find out if we are having a boy or a girl on Friday. Can't wait!!!

Re: 16 Week 2D/3D Ultrasound - Gender Determination

  • Lucky! My next ultrasound isn't until week 20.  I have an appointment this week, but just a checkup and listen to the heartbeat.  4 more weeks until I find out boy or girl... I can't wait!
  • We paid $75 to have the 2D/3D done so we could find out earlier than 20 weeks. My husband couldn't stand to wait.

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  • Yes we are very excited will find out on 5/2/12 the sex of the baby
  • It's a BOY! Big Smile

  • Yes I'm 16 weeks I went to my u/s apt yesterday I'm having another boy :)
  • Im so excited, we had an unexpected U/S and was able to find out the sex of the baby....Its a BOY!
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  • I am excited to hear that some of you are finding out so early.

    We are waiting one more month to have the gender U/S done. i cant stand it!!!

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  • This is our second baby. My husband will find out the gender on June 1st. I will not find out until I open gifts at my baby shower in August! With my son I just knew he was a boy, not so sure on this one!  
  • I found out 15 weeks we are having a boy. Lol it must be the year of the boys. Last year was all girls and this year boys.
  • Yes!  My 2D/3D is this Friday as well.  I'm so excited, but also torn because my husband doesn't want to know the sex.  I'm worried that I can't keep that kind of secret from him!
  • CatMaria, I am in the same position as you are! I get to find out the sex next week and my boyfriend doesn't want to know either! I don't know how long I can keep it in, I'm so excited because it is our first! It looks like a lot of people on here are having boys.
  • We are paying $80 to have it done 4 weeks early at a place called Precious Previews... my next doc appt isnt until July 5th and I am 16 weeks already... who wants to wait that long?!!! the anticipation is killing me... :)

  • I went to one of those 2D/3D places that specializes in ultrasounds. We wanted to fins out earlier, since we still have about three weeks with our regular doctor. The tech wasn't really sure the first couple minutes than made an "educated guess" that it was a boy. We shall see!
  • I'm now 16 weeks and vey excited to find out what I'm having. This is baby number three and I already have an 8 year old boy and a 6 year old girl so this is my tie breaker! My husband, shockingly, is hoping for a girl. I'm happy either way but we shall see. My next ultrasound isn't unitl August so I have a few more weeks to go.Big Smile


  • We don't get to do that until 20 weeks Sad oh well guess the wait will have to do!! I am excited to hear that others get to find out sooner!! Lucky ducks!!
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  • we went in and did it at fifteen weeks and got a boy.  we were anxious.
  • Yes i am , mine is tomorrow . we think it is a girl .
  • I scheduled to have one done tomorrow. I have not told my husband. I am  going to hopefully surprise him when he get home from work.
  • image jeanna7997:

    I am excited to hear that some of you are finding out so early.

    We are waiting one more month to have the gender U/S done. i cant stand it!!!

    It is not a gender u/s....it is just a perk. The u/s is to look at the development and to ensure baby looks healthy!


  • Yes, we found out today....GO TEAM PINK!!! BabyName Ticker
  • We are getting ours done next week! I will be 17 wks and we can't wait :)
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  • Hi,  We have to wait until 18 weeks to find out the sex of the baby. The wait is killing me! Just two more weeks to go.
  • I'm on the exact same boat as you.  Went to dr the other day but they just checked the heart beat. I'm going in 4 weeks to do anatomy scan and hopefully they will be able to tell me. I can't wait either. Good luck to u!  

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  • i found out a couple weeks ago in a surprise ultrasound that my doc decided to do to check cervical length, as I had cervical cancer and surgery several years ago. To my complete delight, baby rolled over just as ultrasound was starting and found out I'm having a boy! I'm scheduled for the uberdetailed ultrasound this Friday, since I am 36 and have some interesting medical complications, but getting to know already at this early a date is thrilling! :) In spite of knowing, though, I cannot wait to see the really detailed pics of baby, since the black and white ones fall a little short these days :)
  • Yes we are scheduled for a 3d ultrasound on 2/10/13
  • I had genetic screening performed due to my age (34) and they said we're having a boy.  I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the idea that I'm having a boy. 
  • We find out Thursday!! Dying to know, super excited!!
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  • Went in on Friday - March 8th to find out the sex of the baby, because Dr scheduled the u/s on that day, mind you, and the Tech said she wouldn't do it because the baby is too small and it is too early.  She was a real shrew about it too...made me want to punch her in her fake ultra bright fake smile...urgh... Then she scheduled me for the 20th (a whopping 12 days later) to find out.  was super excited and still am, but my excitement bubble is a bit smaller...
  • We paid $80 to do an early gender reveal ultrasound... Its a GIRL and we're overjoyed. We have twin boys that are almost 5.

  • I go on April 2nd I am so excited to find out. We really want a girl I'll be 17 weeks at the time so hopefully all goes well : fingers crossed...
  • We had ours done at 16 weeks and we're Team Blue!

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  • Yay!! Mine is tomorrow!! I'm 16 weeks!
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