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Postpartum Depression

6 months later..

Is it possible to experience PPD 6 months later? And is stress or feeling weepy daily bc you know leaving your babies to go back to work is upsetting you and when you dont know why thy are crying? I feel overwhelmed at times with no help and two babies do you think I should tell my doctor? I don't think I need drugs, just help and more time with my kids. Thoughts?

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  • I am three months PP and I am still going through it. Although going back tk work has been a godsend because I dont have time there to focus on the sadness. For me it is because of money and having to be the responible spouse. DH is lazy and doesnt agree with me about the finances.
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  • I'm almost 11mos pp and I'm still feeling it
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  • Absolutely possible. Talk to your doctor. You can see a therapist and try some other techniques before going to medication. GL.
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