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Finally getting prepared

I'm so thrilled.  Got my bedding, swing, mattress, crib, and bassinet mattress in the mail this week.  Hope to get them set up this week.  I feel like things are finally coming together.  Can't believe this little girl will be here in 7 weeks!
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Re: Finally getting prepared

  • We have all the main stuff up so if baby comes we are technically ready but I want to get the fun decorations up and feel "ready".. so naive.. can you tell I'm a first time mom??

     Excited for your weekend of preparing!

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  • I've got 3 weeks until my shower and then after that I can go ahead and buy the rest of whatever I don't get gifted. Would really like to just go buy it all myself and be done, but family has let me know in no uncertain terms they will be very sad if the only thing they can buy me is diapers. So I wait.

    Can't wait to have the crib, dresser, and everything else so I can set it up. 

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  • Yay! We've been finished with the nursery for about 2 weeks now and it really is a great feeling to have everything done. My swing is coming in the mail this week and I'm so excited to get it set up. :)
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