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Just started potty training 3 year old...help?

Hello! This is my first post on the bump...everyone was so helpful on the knot that I thought I would make my first post asking for help on this site. 

My son is 3 1/2, and will be 4 in June. He's in daycare as me and his father work during the day. We just started potty training and have been doing it on and off for a couple weeks. We nixed pull ups and diapers for a few days but he didnt seem to care if he wet his pants. In fact, he wouldn't tell me if he had an accident even if I pretended I didnt see it. We tried taking the potty every where in the house with us and sitting on it every 20-30 minutes and giving him lots of liquids to make sure he needed to go, and he would hold it. As I type this, hes sitting on his potty now and we've been trying since 4pm (its 8pm now). So now we're trying to nakie tactic so I can make sure he knows not to pee on anything except for in the potty. He's stopped mid stream before in the bath tub so I know he has good bladder control. I've tried rewards like suckers, m&ms, he's watched daddy pee at the cheerios and has no interest in that...I've even promised him a new spiderman toy which he says to me all the time "spiderman toy if I go potty?" One thing I dont want to admit to myself is that he might just not be ready and doesnt know how to relax himself so he goes in the potty just like he does in his undies or diaper. But he likes his potty and doesnt have any problems with sitting on it and even tells me that he wants to sit on it. Is it possible hes just not ready at almost 4 or is there anything else I can try? 

Re: Just started potty training 3 year old...help?

  • I am in a similar boat!! I just posted asking for help/suggestions!

    My son is also 3 1/2 and will be 4 in July


    My son doesn't necessarily always enjoy going to sit on the potty, but when he does, he almost always pees now, and is always so proud of himself.

    But he won't tell us when he has to pee (like before he actually does it), and has flat out told me he just wants to stay in diapers (or stay in big boy diapers AKA pullups.).


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  • My dd didn't seem to really care either, we gave her 1 mm every time she went for immediate reward of going. Eventually like after a few days it clicked for her that potty means mm and that motivated her to start telling me she had to go took weeks to fully get it down though. Every time she started going in the floor I would run her to the potty to finish there, then she'd get a treat. You just have to be very consistent and they'll get it!! :
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  • M and m I was trying to write :
  • I feel your pain.  My 3 year old son refuses to go number 2 on the potty.  We have been trying to potty train off and on since 2.  In the very beginning we had two successful number twos and I think it completely freaked him out because now he won't even consider it.  He will hold it in until I put a diaper back on and then will immediately go hide and go in his diaper.  Its so frustrating because we could have been sitting on the potty for 20 minutes right before that.  I made the mistake of just not putting him in diapers at all and he became very sick and we had to go to the doctor for constipation.  Its like a no win battle!!!  We have tried bribing him, candy, treates, toys, a toy chest of matchbox cars in the potty room, separate cool toys for when sitting on his potty, putting a diaper into his little potty so its like pooping in a diaper, sticker boards.  Everything.  It's very frustrating.
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