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Nuk Sippy Cup spout tore!

Mobile: Nuk Sippy cup spout tore!

We have two Nuk Treadliner sippy cups. My daughter uses them to drink water with her meals. She just started (with in the last week) being able to drink herself. Previous to this I always held it up for her to drink out of. She doesn't get the cup to play with (which is probably why she just figured it out now) so I don't know how this happened. She also only has two teeth.

 So, Today after breakfast, I took one of her sippy cups over to the sink to wash and noticed something sticking off the top of the spout. Upon closer examination, it was a piece of the spout itself. It tore in two places and was just barely hanging on. She couldn't have choked (to not breathing) on it because it was pretty small, but she still could have swallowed it or got it stuck in her throat. I checked her other, newer (only a month old) Nuk cup and it was tearing too!

I'm really disappointed because I really liked these cups, and freaked that it happened so easily! 



Re: Nuk Sippy Cup spout tore!

  • That is scary, thank god it didn't come off in her mouth. I would write them a nastygram explaining what happened, but that's me. It sounds like they may need to recall those cups if it happened to BOTH of the 2 you bought.
  • That stinks!  We have some NUK sippys too - I'll have to check them when I get home but I don't think we've had any problems.  I did have a Tommee Tippee bottle nipple randomly tear after just a week once though so these things do just happen sometimes.  

    I really like these cups but it may be time to switch over to a hard spout or straw anyway.  

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  • Well, I called and they are sending us free replacement spouts. I'm not sure if I will use them or move to a different cup
  • Thank you for posting this! I'm glad your DD didn't swallow it. I have the exact same cup. My DD does great with this cup, and it's the only one I can successfully get her to drink from. I know when I bought it, I read the little instruction pamplet, and it said to replace every 3 months, I think. I was so surprised that is all the longer they expected it to last. I will definitely be keeping an eye on it.
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