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I never thought I'd WANT a diagnosis

But I just talked to our insurance company in advance of visiting DS's therapist for the first time, and our coverage gets WAY better if he gets a diagnosis.

We're 99% certain he's on the spectrum, but still waiting on that developmental pedi visit. 


Re: I never thought I'd WANT a diagnosis

  • Yeah, that was one reason I pushed for a medical dx ASAP. 

    Of course, then we found out that insurance was like, "yeah, we don't cover autism!" so that sucked, but at least you won't have to deal with that part. :) 


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  • Oddly enough, I feel similarly. My DD is getting evaluated in the beginning of March and I'm hoping to get a dx for more therapies.
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  • It was so nice to know that I was not losing my mind.  I really felt like I was failing as a parent because he was just so out of control.  Knowing how to handle him and helping him feel better about himself has been wonderful.  Good luck.  
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  • I did, too.  I felt that once we knew what the problem was, we could better address it.  Also, in our case, having the diagnosis can work as a mitigating factor in other walks of life, too.

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