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What are the beach vacation places you like?

I need family vacation ideas. Lots of kid age ranges from 118. 15 people total. Where do you stay? If its a house what do you do about food? Other vacation ideas you would recommend?






Re: What are the beach vacation places you like?

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  • Sea Pines Plantation - Hilton Head

    Lots to do, older kids can go off on their own too. All around just a fabulous non over priced vacation option. Last year I rented a condo, this year I have booked a house.


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  • We like Destin.  The Emerald coast area in particular right around scenic 98 is great place to stay because the commons are right there and the beach is really nice.  There are lots of houses in the area you can book.  We usually book a cottage.

    We did Clearwater last year and it isn't as touristy, but there aren't as many things to do either.

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  • Ocean City, NJ is great. Great family friendly island and boardwalk is perfect for the kids. You can fly into Atlantic City or Philly.
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  • kegkeg member
    I love the Destin area.  We've been 3 times, once with 20ish people, and all times we've stayed in the Crystal Beach area (right over the bridge).  We've rented a house (this one, which is likely overkill for your group, but was awesome).  In terms of food, we tend to eat most meals at the house.  For dinner, each family takes a night and makes something...some people did something elaborate, some heated up frozen lasagne. :-)  We went out one night. 
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    Ocean City, NJ is great. Great family friendly island and boardwalk is perfect for the kids. You can fly into Atlantic City or Philly.

    I LOVE OCNJ!  I grew up going there and spent many summers working at Shrivers on the boardwalk, there is no other place like it.  I've been tempted several times to order a Mack & Manco's pizza and have it shipped here! 

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  • Destin. Beautiful beaches and tons of stuff to do. We cook most nights but there are tons of great restaurants too. I would look for a house. They have a ton right on the beach and then cheaper options that are across an access road from the beach.
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  • We love Cape San Blas, FL.  We get a condo and make most our food, but there are yummy restaurants nearby too.  The beach is georgous and private, many activities to do, biking trail, horse rides on the beach etc.


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  • I love St. Simons.  Stay near the village and you are w/in walking distance to restaurants, a great park, shopping, etc.  Very kid friendly, plenty of stuff to do, but super laid back.  Let me know if you are interested in checking out some places. 
  • Love the Charleston area.  You can rent some huge houses right on the beach on Sullivan's Island, Isle of Palms, Folly Beach, etc. for reasonable prices.  A group of us go every Memorial Day weekend, it is 8 couples and 14 kids ranging from a few months to 8 years and it is fun for everyone. There is so much to do around Charleston beyond just the beach, but honestly you could spend every day at the beach and be perfectly happy.  A lot of the houses have pools as well, which is nice. We usually do one big grocery run and each couple is in charge of one meal.  The houses provide plenty of dishes, pots & pans, cutlery, etc. for the whole crowd. 
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  • I too looove Charleston... it is sooo my favorite place to vacay... I mainly stay at this hotel called Residence Inn my marriot.. is on 90 Ripley Dr... its like a lil condoapt... it comes with everything... so all you needs you, the kids. fam etc and some food.. they also accept small dogs if you do have one.. oh yeah they also have free breakfast in the mornings.

    We usually go the the beach.. Folly beach.. down town to the markets.. I love Hymans and Fleet Landing.. @Hymans 2ppl can even eat off one plate... thats just how much food it is.. not to mention it is DELISH!!

    OOMMMG.... I almost forgot.. the Crab House on Wappo Dr. we absolutely loooove that place.. it is soo good..

    I just love the whole atmosphere of Charleston and the fun lil things around it that we have grown to love...

  • We've done the Destin area, South Florida, and this year we're doing Fripp Island in SC.

    We rent a condo or house depending on the number - food is usually cooked at home taking turns with dinner (or takeout on some nights).

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