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Postpartum Depression

I gotta say...

...it works!

 My cousin started an Advocare business about a year ago and really wanted me to start my own. I'm not someone to do this sort of thing, but I was happy to try the products.  Next month, he is going to see George Bush and Drew Brees speak at an Advocare convention.  I may not be as impressive as them, but I have to share with other mamas what my experience has been.  If nothing else, I am CONVINCES that truly caring for yourself...nutrition, exercise, and doing what you love...has gotten me farther that any other "weight loss program" has.  So, here is my story...

Before getting pregnant is September 2009, I had spent years struggling with PCOS.  Despite exercise and a god diet, I had crept to an "overweight" range.  At 5'2", that didn't take a lot!  After 2 pregnancies involving 9 rounds of steroids and loads of bedrest, 2 c-sections, and loads of physical therapy just to get be back to "fighting" shape, I topped out at over 200 pounds.  I started with Advocare in May. I exercise several times a week-especially bc the gym is the only place that I have childcare-and I am now (DRUMROLL PLEASE) at a healthy...and HAPPY...weight.  I am 137 right now.  More than that, I have conquered some emothionaI and mental demons.  I hadnt seen the 130s in a decade.   I am feeling like a GREAT mom.  I have energy to play with my kids and focus to truly take care of my home.

This is a site created by some long time Advocare people.  www.choosethechallenge.com/robb

You can link from there to my site or just go to https://www.advocare.com/120331210 

Re: I gotta say...

  • What does this have to do with PPD? I'm all for healthy living; but if someone is suffering from PPD; sometimes that is the last thing she is worried about. One can also learn about healthy eating, and exercise without paying allot of money for something like "Advocare." There is tons of  useful info on the internet alone.
    Forgiveness sets YOU free!
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