Potty Training

I'm so frustrated with potty training...please help!!!

I just sat with my daughter on the potty for an hour.  Nothing.  I get her up after I start getting frustrated and she starts getting impatient and I put minnie mouse big girl panties on her.  I figured I would put her on again within the next few minutes.  Within 1 minute of her getting off the potty, she pees all over herself.  She constantly does this.  I've tried bribing her with snacks, stickers, posters.  I'm in tears as I write this because I don't know what else to do. I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Please help!
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Re: I'm so frustrated with potty training...please help!!!

  • Wait until she's ready.  How old is she?
  • She doesn't sound ready


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  • How old is she?

    DD1 went through this went we first starting PTing her. Looking back, she just wasn't ready. When she was ready, it was SO much easier.

    I'd probably take a break from PTing for a month or so and then give it another try. We had to do this several times over the past year.
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  • She is prob not ready

    I have 2 older DD's 12 and 15 and I can tell you no child has ever gone to college not PT but my oldest LMAO she was a hard one stubborn and would wait until the last min to go to the point where she stood there legs crossed so tight we had to carry her to the bathroom this was all out of fear she was going to miss something during the time she would have been in the bathroom. 

  • Definatly doesn't sound like she's ready. Wait a few months and try again.
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