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Postpartum Depression

Preventing PDD/PDA

I have generalized anxiety disorder. It was very well under control before I got pregnant and has been manageable since. The past few weeks I have been feeling increasingly anxious, which I expected and know how to handle. But I have also been feeling weirdly apathetic, having a hard time making decisions, and not as interested in things. I know that those are all signs of depression. So between these new symptoms and my usual anxiety disorder, I'm really concerned about developing a bad problem postpartum.

My question is, can anyone offer tips or advice on preventing PDD or PDA, or at least making it more manageable? I am going to talk about my concerns with my midwife and my psychiatrist this week, but I am just wondering if anyone has any "real talk" for me or can share her experience. Thanks! 

Re: Preventing PDD/PDA

  • I had a history of depression/anxiety before I got pg. I hadn't felt like it in a while but once you have it you kind of know what to look for. I had a strange feeling I might have a hard time once LO got here. I was right.

    I'm not trying to be negative but I had an extremely hard time bonding with LO after his birth. I struggled with BF and that made me feel inadequate (even though I shouldn't have felt this way). I didn't want to be around him or take care of him. I wasn't eating right or sleeping (as much you can with a new baby). Weeks after his birth I noticed I'd snap at my hubby over stupid things and get angry at LO when he clearly couldn't help what he was doing. I felt like two different ppl where living inside me. One day I'd be fine and the next I was a force to be reckoned with. I told my doc and she told me to wait until I was a few more weeks postpartum. I did, I even left my child and went on a week long vacation. In the long run it didn't help. I'm now on medication and it has been a life savor.

    I only wrote all this to explain that it may not be avoidable but you are already conscience about it and probably will know what to look for after your LO is born. Keep eating healthy, exercising, resting and talking to your docs. Talking and venting about my feelings helped a lot. But in all honesty the meds were the best decision for me.

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  • I too have a history of anxiety and depression. I had been on anti-anxiety drugs for 8 or so years before I got pregnant. I went off my meds for my pregnancy and did ok... Not great, but ok considering. I had planned to talk w my OB about writing a script for me to start anti- anxiety meds right after she was born. Well I was induced 2 weeks early due to high BP and didn't get to have the conversation w him. After a tough induction and labor that ended in a c-section, I came home from the hospital w my beautiful, perfect baby girl. And have been a mess since... I called my doc yesterday and started Zoloft, I know that will help. I only tell you all of this bc I *highly* recommend if you presume you will have an issue with anxiety that you address it with your doc before you give birth. I am able to take care of my baby, but this PPD is super intense, like no anxiety I have experienced before....


    tTake good care! 

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  • I wish there was a way to prevent it, unfortunately there's not (that I know of). 

    I think keeping in touch with your psychiatrist is probably your best bet. Are you any kind of therapy/counseling for GAD? I know medication and therapy is the best combo for me.

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  • Have you looked into Placenta Encapsulation? It is worth a look, despite it sounding completely disgusting. It has helped me thus far. 
  • I am going to ask my doula about placenta encapsulation. I'm not convinced that it's not just a placebo effect. But I do know that some women swear by it, and I'm open to trying anything that might help.
  • I had PPD and PPA with my first (who's now 2.5). CONGRATS for realizing you are at risk and wanting to do something about it now.

    I will tell you the BIGGEST life changer for me was taking a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction class. It seemed hokey at first, I couldn't imagine me meditating. But now I couldn't imagine my life without those skills. MBSR has been proven very effective at helping anxiety, depression, back pain, and more.

    I've had a very difficult pregnancy, through surgery, bleeding, bedrest, gestational diabetes, and pre term labor and haven't had a single anxiety attack. I honestly credit my Mindfulness training.

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