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My 3 year old has started biting his younger brother who is 2 years old. He bites him on arm or hand almost everyday. I do time outs of 3 minutes in the hallway for his punishment but he doesn't seem to get it. My MIL told me to try biting his hand so he knows it hurts. Is biting something he will grow out of or something I will need to constantly be punishing him for on a daily basis?

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  • I don't know if I'd bite him, but I'd show him shock and horror at the act of biting.  NO BITING!!!!

    3 seems a bit old to be biting.  Are there jealously issues with little bro?  Attention seeking? 

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  • Not really jealousy issues. Maybe its a frustration issue with him when they play together...he never bit when he was younger. Not sure where its coming from...
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  • Our three year old has also started biting - was never a problem until she turned 3!  It's very frustrating!  What we have been doing is helping her to find words for what she is feeling.  It does seem that she bites when she is REALLY frustrated.  We also make sure to show her the bite marks (if they happen) so that she knows that what she did hurt.  We started with time outs, but they didn't really seem to be effective.  So, we've moved on to helping her find words for her feelings and learning how to use those words.  It seems to have gone down significantly since doing so.

    I do know someone who says her son was biting at daycare.  She tried everything.  She finally bit her son to show him how much it hurt and he hasn't done it at all since then.  I can't quite bring myself to use this method, though.

  • I kept a 3 year old that was a biter at school and to her younger brother (1). Her mom did the time-outs and taking away privileges until one day the mother bit the girl. She cried and they talked about how it feels to be the one getting bit. She bit her brother one more time, felt awful about it but then that was it. She never did it again. They also tried to talk to her about being frustrated and socially proper ways of dealing with it.
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