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choosing an agency?

Hubby and I just recently decided to pursue domestic adoption after a year TTC. I had a MC at 6 weeks and the experience was one of the worst of my life. I agreed to TTC for a while after, but that went nowhere and we're ready to move on. We still need to save the money, but I'm wondering how everyone chose their agencies? There are so many!

 Very excited about this new opportunity! I have always wanted to adopt.

Re: choosing an agency?

  • Welcome! I think the best thing to do would just start researching into different agencies in your area. Most have informational meetings you can attend and those will give you pretty good feel on if the agency is a good fit for you! Good luck and keep us all posted!

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  • Welcome to the board!  Most agencies you can send for more information via their website.  When we first started out and were looking at DIA  and we sent away for info from about 10 different agencies.  From the packages sent we were able to get an idea of cost, process and a bit of a feel for the way the agency presents themselves.  We narrowed down our choices and then spoke to people on the phone and took notes on how our questions were answered, time frame for calls back, office locations, that type of thing. 

    The agency that we liked ultimately ended up being an agency that had the international program we are interested in so although we didn't end up with DIA, it worked out and we found the right place for us. 

    Good luck and welcome again!

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  • We wanted a fairly local agency that we would work with, and we wanted one that was more or less full-service. We contacted 3 agencies: one was a religious-based agency in our town, one was a small mom and pop agency that contracted out a lot of their services (homestudy, post-placement legal work, etc), one was a large, well-established agency that worked in several states.

    One place wouldn't return my calls, one gave me a bad vibe, and one I loved. Of course, they had the highest fees.

    We attended some webinars and in-person seminars to get a feel for the adoption process in general, and one was through one of the agencies. DH attended an in-person informational seminar with one of them, and got a rec from a co-worker (they did her international adoption homestudy), which clinched the deal.

    I'd think about the things that are important to you and ask the agencies if they can work with you within your specific parameters. For example, some people want a religious-based agency, some want them to be open to single parents and gays/lesbians, some don't want a different fee structure for minority placements, some want a guarantee of counseling for expectant parents, etc.

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  • I have been driving by an adoption agency in my town on the way to and from work everyday for 3 years.  I always noticed it because you don't really see adoption agency buildings often.  Little did I know that I would actually need their help in the future.  They were my first thought when deciding to adopt.  I then compared their prices and info with a few other.  They claim they work will less clients at a time and their fees are a bit lower.  Me being able to walk to the agency(that is how close they are) really made my decision.  I wanted them to know me personally. They really liked that we are a home town couple for them so it is fun.

     I would find a few ones in your area and request info/go in for a meeting.  Most of the couples working with my agency do not even live in the same state.  I don't think I would like that..I liked to be able to meet with them in person and not just do over the phone meetings. 

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  • Like PP, I sent for info from about 8 locally based agencies. I went through their info and weeded ones out. I narrowed it down to two, a national agency and a state agency (only have EMs and BMs from our state). I called both agencies and read through a three page list of questions I compiled. The agency I had the best feeling about from the beginning gave the best answers and that's who we chose. We had a wonderful experience and will be using them again in a couple months when we start on adoption #2.

    My advice: research online, by mailings and via phone and go with your gut. Good luck!

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  • Thanks everyone! I feel a lot better and more knowledgeable about starting our search now.
  • Ditto what others have said - research agencies and then attend informational meetings. DH and I made an excel chart of local agencies and narrowed it down to the ones that were in our price range, had the program we wanted (domestic infant), etc. Then we attended informational meetings and have narrowed it down to two.
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