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Update ... tic toc

Less than 2 weeks before our 1/10 due date. We're getting super excited truthfully a wee bit scared as well but mostly excited : I know there were a few others coming up in jan feb. how is everyone feeling?

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  • Good Luck! Sending you lots of easy labor vibes.



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  • We're due Feb 11, but I'm already starting to get some contractions so hopefully we'll make it a few more weeks! I'm very much split... so looking forward to meeting this little man and getting him out of my belly (been having pelvic and sciatica issues), I'm also starting to get a little nervous about having 2 under 2!!! Surprise
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  • Best of luck to everyone due soon!
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  • Yes, Thank you, thank you, thank you for the easy labor vibes. My little guy has been SO good to me the last 38 weeks so I'm really hoping he keeps it up through the delivery.
    Salc Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. I feel for you with the sciatica. I have sciatica issues Prepreg and it's just the worst feeling. Have you seen a chiropractor? I just went for the first time for another issue but while I was there she worked on my sciatica as well. While its not completely gone it has definitely improved in just 2 visits.
  • Yes - I had issues pre pregnancy (well, before my first). I was seeing my chiropractor but in November, found it wasn't really benefiting me much so I stopped. I have a very good massage therapist that comes over bi weekly which has been great and then my OB referred me to physical therapy which has also helped a lot!

    Good luck to you - it's such an exciting time!!!

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  • I was due Friday, but Little One had other plans and arrived ahead of schedule!  Good luck to you!
    4.23.12 - BFP! EDD 1.3.12

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  • Best wishes for an easy delivery!  And congrats to 2Puppies!!
    Baby Girl #2 is on her way!
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  • Congratulations 2puppies!!
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