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cell phones - blah!

My husband broke his cell phone (again!) and isn't available for an upgraded phone until June.  My phone is still good but I'm not eligible until the end of February.  My stepsister offered us her old Droid 2 but we don't have a data plan so it would cost us an extra $30 a month to use her phone. 

I was looking at Verizon's website wondering if we should just change plans.  We get 700 minutes (between the two of us).  My husband added texting to his phone which is $5.  Our bill totals around $90 a month.  Is that cheap or expensive?  I think it might be pretty cheap.  We don't have smart phones or internet on our phones and don't really have the need for that right now. We have a home computer and have a 2 year committment with them for the internet.  Once that is up maybe we'll try a different route. 

The guy I talked to at Verizon suggested looking for a phone on Craigslist or Amazon.  Hoping we can find a cheap phone that will get us buy for a few more months until I can get an extra phone for us for less than a million dollars!



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  • Do you like Verizon?  We have a smart phone (but it's so outdated that I think I'm going back to a regular phone anyhow) and a regular old flip phone.  We use AT&T and our monthly bill is seriously close to $200!  That's on their cheapest option!  We were just discussing today that it's not affordable anymore for what we get.  They drop calls all the time too!  I just threw away 3 old phones, or I would have so given you one of them!  (And pulled out one for myself!)  Good luck! 

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  • If I were you, I'd go on ebay and buy a cheap phone, and try to sweet talk Verizon into waiving any activation fee. Work it baby, work it. We have Verizon with one smart phone and one flip, and we pay about 90, BUT we share a plan with my mother which helps defray the base costs and keeps the bill lower. Cell plan shopping is a close second to the joys of insurance shopping. Ugh, and good luck!


  • We have a family share plan with ATT that has way more minutes than we use with rollover, 1000 texts each and 2GB of data each. It isn't a bad deal.
  • When we've had phone issues, we always used ebay. Super cheap there.
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  • I'm on mobile so I can't see where you live, but if you are near a major city you should look into Virgin Mobile. DH and I each have droids with unlimited data and text and 1200 minutes each for 40 dollars each. We have service in major cities, but not in the boonies. So if we go to the lake, we don't have service, but our friend's with att don't either.
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  • Your plan is about $40 a moth cheaper than ours with AT&T for the same thing.  When DH broke his last phone we went in and bought one of the cheapy prepaid ones and just put the SIM card from his old phone into it until one of us was qualified for an upgrade.  And while he bitched every day that he had it about how crappy it was it was a quick affordable alternative.  Now we have a spare phone to use if it happens again.
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