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Homestudy Help

Hello smart women,


Our social worker just contacted us and asked us to schedule a phone call with her for tomorrow so that we can chat and ask any questions we have about the homestudy process. 

So, those of you who have been through this- what should we ask!? 





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Re: Homestudy Help

  • Are you at the very beginning of the homestudy?  If so, and assuming your social worker hasn't already provided you with answers to these, I would ask about:

    1. Average completion time for entire homestudy process (of course, with the caveat that you get your paperwork in "in a timely manner")

    2. Amount and type of education/training required or suggested

    3. Number of references required and from whom (some expect letters from relatives, others don't allow relatives to write reference letters)

    4. What they will be looking for in the actual home visit portion of the homestudy

    5. If your income/assets are at all a concern, you might want to ask how they determine what is considered "financially stable"

    Those are the big things that come to mind. Good luck and congrats on getting to this step! 

  • All of our paperwork is done- we don't get a social worker until after all our paperwork is completed, so the agency already has all our financial information, all our clearances, autobiographies,references,  workbook etc, and we've completed all our education credits.


    So I think the most pertinent question is #4. ... 



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  • Good luck! For sure ask what kind of childproofing/safety stuff needs to be done in advance. We live in a county that does not do health inspections, so they had to check on a few more things for us. We had to make sure we had the extra deadbolt up high on backdoor bc of our pool, medicine double locked -but for them just psychotropic meds which I have none of. So I wasted hours locking up things like Tylenol and bandaids. Every agency is different so ask their requirements on meds. We also had to put up chemicals and put those protectors in the outlets.

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