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Where to live?

Hey ladies, I'm not so active on TB anymore, but am planning a very sudden move to the area, from the NY/NJ area. DH will be working in DC, and I am hoping to go to Towson for grad school.  So we need someplace in the middle to live and we know NOTHING about the area. We would rent for now, willing to do a newer townhouse, 3br. Looking for a good suburb with good schools. Any ideas where to look?



Re: Where to live?

  • Welcome! I teach in Howard County and many of my families either one or both parents commute to DC for work. The Elkridge and Ellicott City areas both have great schools with plenty of newer construction. It is about a 25-35 minute drive to TU without traffic.I also have many friends and co-workers who live in Catonsville in Baltimore County though you do have to be careful about which schools you are zoned for there but its still a nice area with lots of families.

    Good Luck! 


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  • We live in the Columbia/Elkridge/Ellicott City area and that's right in the middle. Good place to live too
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  • image JennigoesUSA:
    We live in the Columbia/Elkridge/Ellicott City area and that's right in the middle. Good place to live too

    this...i vote for columbia

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  • I agree with the above posts - Howard County is top rated in schools and would basically put you in the middle.  Columbia or Ellicott City is nice.
  • (I'm the OP - wrong log in before...)

    Thanks! I'm getting worried about DH's commute to DC from the Columbia area, and starting to also think about Silver Spring, or somewhere near there. Am I crazy for attempting that commute to Towson? That would be on a school schedule for 2-3 years, so possibly avoiding some of the rush hour.

    I'm also a city girl - moving from the NYC area, so I like the idea of having easier access to the city. BUT I'm also hoping to start trying to #2, so a lot of this may be while pg or with a newborn. 

  • Can I ask why you want to go to TSU?  There isn't anything wrong with it but there are a million schools between DC and Baltimore, so you could find another grad school. 


    If you do want Towson, I would suggest in Baltimore City, either SoWeBo or Federal Hill. Your husband could take the Marc Train to DC and Towson is up 83 from there.  


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  • If you want TO DO SILVER Spring then I would look at UMD
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  • college park
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  • Thanks - I was looking at Towson because it was only one of 2 schools in the area with the program I'm looking for, and the other is a $$$ private school.

    My plan has once again changed, and I found a program at college park that would make me happy - totally different degree, but it works for me.

     So Silver Spring area to live, and will hopefully get into University of Maryland, because the back up for that program happens to be towson as well!

     Starting a new thread in a sec, now that we've narrowed down a county!

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