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DD took her first steps!!!

Sorry, I couldn't wait till Wednesday...

We were told when DD was born that there was a 40% chance that she will never walk.  She has been in EI therapy 3x a week since she was 2 months old, along with with many other specialists.  We've tried so many tools to help her balance and walk - AFO braces, a stander, a walker, nothing was really working so her physiatrist took her "off" everything about 2 months ago.  So, after waiting patiently for 21 months, DD took her first unassisted/non hand-held steps on Friday at PT :)  I wouldn't call it walking by any means, nor can she stand up on her own but she has to start somewhere, right?   I'm so proud of her - my year is complete!!  Never give up hope :)


Re: DD took her first steps!!!

  • Good job, big girl! My son is working on walking too. I will have to tell him about your DD for some inspiration. Keep up the good work! 

  • Yeah for STEPS!!!!
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  • That's super exciting! They didn't think DD2 would walk until later either, and she ended up surprising us at 19 months.
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  • What an awesome Christmas present! Way to go little punkin!

  • Congrats!  That is about the time my son started to walk as well, and no he couldn't stand up himself either - that came later :-)  What an awesome present for your family!
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  • That is so great!!!!!!!
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