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Week 11 check-in! Who's here?

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  • Hey I will be 12 weeks on Sunday and so excited we saw baby for the first time this past Tuesday!!!  Finally starting to feel better after being wrapped around a toilet for the last two months I am still exhausted though.  Hope the rest of ya'll are doing well.



  • I am ready to move on to the second tri. The awful taste in my mouth needs to leave asap!


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  • Hi everyone. I am brand new to pregnancy and to the bump. I just started my 11th week. This morning was the first morning in about 2 months that I have not had morning sickness! I never thought this day would come haha. However, I keep having big waves of anxiety about how life is going to change and having fear of the unknown. Any advice or others experiencing this as well? Thanks in advance :)
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  • hello, I am new to pregnancy and to the bump too ..

    am in week 11 Big Smile next friday i'll be in week 12 Cool..

     so far am feeling great and i love being pregnant Big Smile



  • Woo, made it to week 11 without dying from m/s!
  • I am 11 weeks today!!
  • I hit the 11 week mark today too!
  • I am 11 weeks plus 2 days!  With twins!  I hope all those with m/s get relief soon!!!!
  • 11 Weeks tomorrow!!!! Very excited and can't wait to see our lil one in the U.S. next week!!!! Stick out tongue
  • I'm 11 weeks and have my first doctor's appointment next week and super excited. I hope they do an ultrasound so we can see or hear the heartbeat. I can't wait!
  • I am 11 weeks and 1 day so happy.
  • Things are going pretty good! Just turned 11 weeks today!

    I still have nausea and don't feel like eating anything even when I am hungry!!

    My hunger has subsided a bit lately....I used to be hungry ALL the time, but not so bad now...did anyone else experience this? That as you went along your hunger decreased??

    Also been having some lower back pain? I thought this wouldn't happen til the 3rd trimester???

  • hi harmony22,

    i also hit 11 weeks yesterday! how exciting to know someone out there has the same due date.

    my appetite has definitely gone down, (along with the amount i can put away in one sitting!) and i'm just now starting to have some food aversions. but i am so happy the nausea is gone! that was miserable.

    not sure about the back pain... definitely would ask your doc about that. 

    have a great week!

  • I'm now at 11 weeks today (despite what my ticker may say). I can't wait to get my first ultrasound on 5/25. I'm just nervous that they'll give me a wildly different due date than what I currently have. I'm seeing my OBGYM on 5/21, so hopefully I can at least hear the heartbeat then!
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  • I'm 11 weeks and for some reason today my morning sickness decided to kick it up a notch and I've been hugging the toilet ever since.

    What a way to celebrate such a milestone, huh? LOL 

  • 11 weeks tomorrow. Big Smile Absolutely thrilled and finally (FX) feeling more energized!!! Can't wait to hear a hb on wednesday!

  • 11 Weeks today! We got to hear and see the heartbeat and the little one moving around this weeks. It's such an amazing moment!
  • 11 weeks today! I can't wait to go to the dr and hear and see Baby for the 1st time! I have 2 (soon to be) step-kids but this is my 1st pregnancy. 
  • Today is my last day in week 11!
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  • Hey ladies,


    Just reached week 11, wow, feels like I have been feeling sea sick since week 5. Every smell set me off, right down to my boss's bad breath! (what a laugh I will have looking back).  cant wait to see our baby again in 2 weeks time for a second scan and all the tests that we need to run.


    Hope you all getting more energised, I know I am.


    Cheers, Carissa (South Africa) 

    Carissa Meiring
  • I as well am having alot of anxiety. This is my first pregnancy and im 11 weeks today! As exciting as it is, i just cant imagine all the things that are going to change in just a few short months. I cant even understand how my life is going to change . I've been super moody with my husband and am starting to fear "what if i dont have the patience for my baby"? I'm sure once the baby comes, things will be different and ill have a whole new perspective on things. We all will learn as our children learn.
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  • 11 weeks today! So excited to reach another milestone. I have more energy today too, so I actually cleaned the apt a bit! Will I be passing out at 8pm? Yes. But at least I felt semi-human today.

    Now to start an exercise regimen... 

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  • Hey everybody! 11 weeks 1 day.  Have had 2 ultrasounds so far and everything looks good.  Having an ultrasound on the 27th for my genetic screening.  Heard the baby's heartbeat at 10 1/2 weeks.  160 bpm! Feeling pretty miserable most days.  Hopefully better days are ahead ...really
  • 11 weeks and 1 day :) Feeling great (although still super tired lol).


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  • 11 weeks this past Monday!  Luckily I haven't been feeling to terribly ill just mostly tired.  We got to hear the heart beat last Friday and got to see the little one via ultrasound too :) .  

    This is our first so we are very, very excited. 

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  • I have my 2nd u/s with the nuchal translucency and blood work tomorrow morning. I can't wait!!
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  • I just hit 11 weeks today! Only our immediate family knows and it's driving me crazy! I just can't wait for everyone around me to know and I want to be showing already. I have been feeling really great! No morning sickness at all! The only symptom that has been bothering me is lower back pain. But I had back pain even before I got pregnant. I have been really hungry the past couple weeks. I don't feel fatigued like I did a few weeks ago. Only a few more weeks of trimester 1 and then I can announce it to everyone! 
  • I just hit 11 weeks today :)

    So far so good, haven't had any morning sickness just tired and over using the bathroom every 2 seconds it seems like.

     Haven't had an ultrasound or heard the heartbeat getting anxious still doesn't seem like I'm pregnant!

  • Still here!!! I am 11 weeks and 3 days!! I'm so incredibly excited and feel so blessed to have made it this far!! Only a few more days until 12 weeks and then my husband and I can feel like we can relax a little bit! I GREATLY look forward to saying goodbye to morning sickness!! Congratulations to other Moms of May 2013!!
  • Hi! I had my ultrasound today..i'm not 7 wks, here I found out I am 11 wks and 5 looked great and was moving all around.. The heartrate was great 170.  Oddly I have not had morning sickness.. All the other symptoms though have been loud and next app. isn't until 11/29 but that was when the dr thought I was only 7 wks..i may have to call and change that appt.. I'm new at this so not sure what is next.. Glad to be here with all of you.
  • 11 weeks. 1 day. morning sickness is getting much beter but still so tired.

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