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"You want a VBAC, right?"

Said by my OB at my first prenatal appointment this morning. We are off to a good start.

I was told:

They will require close to constant EFM and an IV (or at least a IV access). But, otherwise I will be treated like a normal patient. And even with the EFM, I can move around and be on a birth ball. OB was going to check into the wireless. They do have some available. I will not be restricted to the bed. I am okay with this, I think.

A MW will do the delivery, they prefer to avoid interventions (ie pitocin) for VBAC, though will use them judiciously if needed. No epi required if I don't want it. 

My doula had a VBAC with this practice last year. While I neglected to ask the success rate this AM, I know I have a better chance at this hospital than anywhere else in the county. I also know that even if I have a c/s, no one will take my baby away from me (barring medical necessity), which is my number one priority.  

So, this is my formal introduction and my formal statement of intent to go for a VBAC. Hello! :) 

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