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whats on your boys list this year?

I know we are getting ds a bike. 

got him a cool cash register I think he will like


what's on your list for your little boy this year?


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Re: whats on your boys list this year?

  • From St. Nick, Santa, and the two of us, we got him a Christmas Scooby Doo movie, new underwear, PJs, some books, a WOW under sea set, and an Avengers playset.
  • Our boys are getting Magnatiles, a 37 key Schoenhut piano and the Lorax movie as combo gifts.  They are each individually getting an Imaginext Fisher Price airplane (Windscorpion and the Tornado Prop) and a VTech Switch and Go Dino.  DS #1 is also getting checkers, Candy Land and maybe another game.  DS #2 is getting a new tricycle.

    DS #2 has been asking for an umbrella so I may get that as well.  

    One set of grandparents are getting them a wooden workbench, not sure about the other grandparents.   

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  • DS is getting an innotab 2 and lego city set from us/santa. not sure which yet.

    Other family is getting him other legos, hess truck, legos, candyland, legos.....you get the point. PJs and socks as well and hopefully a nice warm fleece.

    Considering getting a combo gift of a chalkboard for the playroom for both kids.

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  • The big item for the 3yr old is his 2 wheeled razor scooter, 5 yr old 3dsi (joint xmas/birthday present ; ), and 6 yr old a castorboard (like a skate board). We are getting them some smaller stuff too, lorax movie, a couple of ds games, and the imaginext pirate ship and some stuff to go with that, and some lego sets.

    Hoping grandparents get them sleds for the snow! 

    Boy 1 2/06 - Boy 2 12/07 - Boy 3 9/09
  • From us:

    Hooded bath towel


    Sippy cups

    Footed pj's & thermal pj's

    From Santa:

    Robotic Legos and possibly a remote control helicopter.

    We don't go all out for Christmas since he has a b-day in October and we go WAY overboard on that.  Plus my Mom and my family always spoils him for X-mas.  My Mom is getting him a Kindle Fire tablet for him for X-mas.


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  • Between Christmas and b'day (Dec. 28)...legos, legos, legos!  A Razor scooter (he has a balance bike and regular bike), probably something to go with his wooden trains, some little building sets that are sort of like erector sets, rain boots, a kleen kanteen and silverware (is that boring - lol!).  I'm also planning to make a memory game and paint a wooden castle I picked up at Michaels as joint gifts for both kids.  
  • DS1 is 4. From Santa, he's getting Darth Vadar Mr. Potato Head, this Spiderman playhouse thing and a Disney Cars remote control race track. From us, Imaginex Pirate Ship, Spiderman pajamas, Angry Bird pajamas, 4 movies. From family members, styrofoam airplane glider, buzz lightyear talking doll
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  • DS has been asking for the Imaginext castle for months! He's also getting books, art supplies, and a pretend play camping set.

  • My 4 yr old is getting Magnatiles, Spiderman car, Spiderman motorcyle from Santa.  Floor puzzles and Zoobs from us.

    My 2.5 yr old is getting a Scheich barn and animals and stuffed triceratops from Santa.   Floor puzzles and duplos from us. 

  • Christmas and Birthday:


    Cowboy hat


    Superhero Squad action figures

    new puzzles

    new shoes 

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  • Jake and the Neverland Pirate Ship (By imaginext)

    Superhero legos

    Polar Express Train set


    He is getting more toys from family but I have no idea what.


    DH and I are only getting him one gift.

    MIL is handling the big items/santa items. 

    April 2009
  • DS is 4 and we got him

    LeapPad 2 w/ case + Cars video game

    Remote control truck

    Dr. Kit

    Toy Story bath boat

    Gumball machine for his desk w/Gumballs

    The Book "One"

    Grandparents got him:

    Imaginex Castle w/ all the additional pieces

    Rain boots

    LeapPad video game

    Imaginex Batman car thing


    I want to get him a cash register as well since he really wants one

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