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  • I don't know why the text disappeared! Some of you asked for pictures so here they are! The first picture is the "before." My eyebrows are really asymmetrical and it was a pain to fill them in with pencil every day. The second photo is the "after" with no make up at all, and the third is my every day make up.  I think they look great (very natural IRL), but I still have to come back after the Holidays for a retouch, and to fix the left brow which is (naturally) a bit lower. 

  • Looks good.  Your eyes (and eyebrows) are beautiful!

  • Whoa! They look great!!! That's pretty cool... they look totally natural. 

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  • They look great.  I had to scroll down to read your explanation to see what was going on.  I would have never guessed the bottom 2 pictures where tattooed.  They did a great job.
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  • I always thought tattooed eyebrows would look drawn on, but yours look really nice!

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  • They look awesome! I need to look into this...
  • Looks awesome.


  • Wow, they look great!  Many of the eyebrow tattoos that I've seen have looked pretty bad, but yours look totally natural. 
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  • Wow! Those look better than others I have seen! I'm kind of jealous LOL

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  • Very nice! I can't believe how natural they look.
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  • They look so nice!  I would love to have this done!
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  • Thank you all! I'm very pleased with them, I asked for something natural and that's what I got. They look even better in person. My left eyebrow needs a touch up, but overall I think they did a good job.  
  • I think they look great!

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