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Anyone else playing Powerball tonight?

Since Patricia died, DH has been faithfully playing Powerball twice a week. The three of our birthdays work out to a perfect 5 numbers, and we both feel we deserve some good luck! It would be nice for that to come in the form of $500 million...

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Re: Anyone else playing Powerball tonight?

  • YEP!!!  I have personal tickets and I'm in an office pool.  Good luck!

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  • I don't usually play, but I bought some tickets for this drawing! I agree, one of us deserves it. Good luck!

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  • You guys shouldn't bother because I'm going to win! ;)
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  • I have to ask H if he bought tickets. I'll probably go get one during lunch.

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  • Yep. DH should be picking up some tickets today. Oh, could you even imagine.
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  • We are... My BF decided to buy 3 tickets, 2 auto picks and our Super Lucky one's numbers are our my, BF & his DS's birthday, the date of our first date, Lillian's birthday is the powerball & the date he started his job....when I questioned that number he explained because if he didn't start there, we never would've met since I started at the same company 3 wks. later.

    We ALL deserve a win on this board!

    As I type this, Diane Sawyer is talking about how many tickets are being sold and how long the lines are, it's craziness!

    For a good read, try David Baldacci's book 'The Winner'. It's about the lottery and the way this guy riggs it, I wonder if it can really happen. I love Baldacci's books though.

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