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See a resemblance?

DD's BM on the left, DD on the right. BGM gave us the picture yesterday


Re: See a resemblance?

  • Wow, she looks just like her birth mom! Your DD is precious.
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  • Wow...they look so much like and your little one is adorable!!!
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  • Wow, they looks so much a like! crazy.
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  • Wow!  Amazing.  Look at their smiles!  How cool for you to have that picture.  Hope you had a good visit!
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  • So adorable!!

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  • So much alike!  How wonderful that you have that picture. I hope we are that lucky someday. We are in the very early steps of the process (homestudy will be finalized this week!), but it really hit me this weekend how much of a difference these kind of photos can make. Over the holiday, DH's family was looking at old family photos, with the inevitable comparisons between photos of DH's sibs as kids and their bio-kids (our nephews). I was doing it just as much as everyone else - there are some STRONG genes in that family, lol - but then it just hit me like a smack in the face that we wouldn't be able to have those same comparisons with our child-to-be. I mean, of course I *knew* this, but the loss just hit... the loss for us, the rest of our family, and mostly for our future child.  Sorry, I didn't mean to hijack your post... just wanted to say that I know what a true gift that picture is. :)

  • Holy cats!! So alike! Wow, how awesome that you have that pic, I love it!!
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  • Two peas in a pod, I guess your had a great visit.  Awesome!

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  • Wow! They do look alike! They are both adorable, too! 
  • So beautiful! I am so glad you were blessed with that photo. 

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  • Wow, how cute! It's so special to have that picture!

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