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Waiting and nervous

Been a lurker for awhile here but wanted to say hello. We are so happy to have matched with a wonderful BM and waiting for the baby to be born in just a few short months. Is it normal that I am SO nervous that it wont go through? I feel so pessimistic despite any blatant reasons to be..Have any of you felt that way if you have gone through it? I am so afraid to get outwardly excited in order to protect my emotions. I hope I'm not alone here. Thanks in advance for your reassurance and experience. 

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  • This is such a roller coaster.  We have two weeks to go and every day I get nervous that our EP's are going to change their mind.  Instead we just get sucked into a new drama of the week with them.  It is normal.  I am starting to get really excited since it is two weeks away and I have told my DH that if for some reason this doesn't work out that I was going to turn into a banshee.  I hope that doesn't happen.  Best of luck with your journey.

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  • Welcome to the board!!  I don't have any advice, but I know there are a lot of people doing domestic infant adoption on here that are either going through what you're going through, have already made it through, or are waiting/in process. 

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