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Picky Eaters

Feedings to babies/kids have always been my arch-enemy. It's always something. Reflux, picky eaters, teething, etc.

I need suggestions from parents with picky eaters. DD1 will sometimes eat great, everything I give her. These past few days she will barely eat anything.

I know you're not supposed to count bites or make a big deal or force them to sit there for like an hour till they eat, but what should I do? Do I just ignore it and hope the phase will pass, and she'll go back to normal? Do I offer MORE food and snacks in the day. Do I offer the same food and just let her decide if she'll eat it?



Re: Picky Eaters

  • Both of mine are picky eaters and refuse vegetables so a daily vitamin is must in our household. I have 'tricked' DD into eating foods she normally won't even try with  cookie cutter shapes. I have made games out of eating with blind taste tests and have her guess which one is ice cream (which is always the last). I try to make one food something they will like. They have to eat their spoonful of vegi's or other side before they are offered the like-able food. This option can take a long time.
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  • DD is generally OK w/ eating, but she doesn't eat as balanced as I would like.

    I try to not make it a big deal and find the less I talk about it, fuss about it with her, the more she'll eat.  Also - if she only eats pretzels for dinner 2x in a row, so be it.  She eats much better at breakfast and lunch than dinner so I try to focus my energies there. 

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