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How do you discipline your 4 year old?

My daughter is supersmart but she is overly hyper and does not listen.  Some days I am at my wits end with her.  I've tried timeout, taking things away, spanking, sitting down and talking to her face to face.  She doesn't have any type of disorder (she has been checked by her pediatrician). Anybody have any other disciplinary ideas that you use? I feel like a bad parent for even posting this but truthfully I really am just out of ideas and I want my daughter to listen to me. 

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  • We are going thru the same thing... Hugs!! Hopefully it gets better soon!

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  • You all are not alone. 
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  • I'm in the same boat. For some reason, the counting to 3 warning is still working. But she is all over the place with behavior. She doesn't look at me when we talk face to face. So I try to hold her hands firmly and have her look me in the eyes. Timeouts are a good consequence for her.
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  • I use a variation of time out, and send DS to sit on the stairs for think time. I let him sit there for a minute or two, then ask him why he's there and whether or not he's ready to come back and play, be a good listener, etc. It works pretty well for us.

  • He has a choice. He can either do what we say or go have quiet time. He's had quiet time enough to know this isn't an empty threat. He screams and cries in his room for a few minutes. When he's done, either dh or I go up and talk to him about not arguing and being a good listener. Getting him to pick up his toys is what usually sets this off.
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  • Time outs or take things away. Like stories at bedtime, or leaving a place early, or not going some place he is looking forward to. He gets 3 strikes and it is taken away.
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  • imagefredalina:
    We use positive discipline, but we have the same issues at the moment. I am confident that she will come out of this phase and be relatively cooperative again soon lol.

    we use this and natural consequences.  I'd also cut out all screen time (tv, computer)as it can make some kids really hyper & at leat an hour outside weather permitting  everyday.   You might also want to look into dietary triggers (food coloring, dairy and gluten are common behavior culprits).

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  • UGH! I have no good ideas because everything that used to work suddenly doesn't, but I'm so frustrated. I lost my patience with her several times this weekend, and now I feel horrible. :/  No matter what I ask her to do -- no matter how mother trucking simple the request is -- she just won't do it.

    I think the suggestion to get her outside more is a good one, I think that might have been missing from our busy weekend. And I might just need to step up the timeouts/take things away or whatever. I feel like every now and again she goes through a week or two where she needs to push her boundaries, and it's challenging, but so far, it seems like it comes in a wave, and then things go back to normal. Hoping for that!

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