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So my XH is a priick. He and his girlfriend had a baby boy a few months ago and she got pregnant a few months after I was served with papers. Today I went to drop DD off there for the night and she attempted to ring the doorbell. XH says, "Shhhh, your baby brother is sleeping". Right then and there I wanted to puke. Can any of you relate? Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

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  • That sounds tough. I really don't know what else to say. I'm just at the beginning of a separation or divorce and the thought of another woman around my son hurts my heart.
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  • I'm not sure I understand the problem. It doesn't sound like he was rude about it. Regardless of our feelings on the matter of exes moving on, your DD does have a baby brother.
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  • image Brandi Bee:
    I think you are probably just having feelings of resentment due to your ex's new little family.nbsp; I would too, sounds like it hurts.

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  • I totally get it. My XH started dating someone very quickly after our divorce, and she has a daughter. I feel like he's already got a new family, and we're all alone. I feel like it's confusing for my daughter for all this to happen in a matter of months. This sucks.
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