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halloween candy

What do you hand out for Halloween?  I bought pretzel snack packs as slightly healthier alternative but DH snubs his nose at it and says that no child would be excited to get pretzels as a treat.   


Do you hand out chocolate, candy, or what? 

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Re: halloween candy

  • ToT'ng neighborhood kids we are doing candy and play-dough (for the younger kids). At school I donated candy, temp tattoos and glow bracelets. But yea, the older kids just want candy. Pretzels are much tastier than raisins Big Smile
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  • Candy. We have a big mixture with suckers and chewy candy. DD doesn't like chocolate, so we didn't buy any.
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  • Candy. Chocolate variety. It is once a year. I agree with your husband.

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  • We have a mix of candy - starburst, skittles, and candy bars. Kids, especially older kids, really don't want anything but candy.
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  • We only get a handful of kids in our area and we always hand out candy.  DH bought a bag of 4 sample size candies - I think it has Snickers, Milky Way and can't recall the 2 others. 
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  • Mini chocolate candy bars. Halloween trick or treating isn't about being healthy.
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  • We don't get many trick or treaters, so I buy mixed bags of chocolate candy, like twix, m&ms, and snickers....so I can enjoy the leftovers.
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  • I had mini bags of chocolate chip cookies, but the only person we saw was the UPS driver. We gave him some :)

    This was our first year trick or treating and we went to a big downtown event. We went into a few places and got a TON of candy. DS is only allowed candy once in awhile so most will get thrown away. I wish some places handed out stickers or pencils or bubbles as an alternative. 

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  • We gave out mostly chocolates and I had some twizzlers and skittles too. I figure if people have serious issues w/ their kids getting candy once a year, they shouldn't go ToT to people they don't know. DD gets stickers and goldfish @ her school's Halloween festivities and for the 5 houses we made it to last night before she got cold and wanted to go home, I'm happy to let her eat 2 pieces of candy a night for a week. She'll forget in about 4 days anyway.
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