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What do your kids wear to sleep nowadays?

Tonight is the first real "cold" night - it's 64 degrees in the nursery. I had her in a long sleeve onesie and pants so I put some socks on her and put her in a fleece sleep sack.  I had a cotton sleep sack on her but it did not seem warm enough.  Her head and hands are uncovered. I hope I did not overdress her!
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Re: What do your kids wear to sleep nowadays?

  • Logan is wearing long sleeve cotton footed pjs and a fleece sleep sack ... and I'm still worried he's not wearing enough!  

    I was tempted to put fleece pjs and a fleece sleep sack on him.  I think I'm projecting my lack of body heat onto him though.  He's a bit of a furnace like his dad. Smile

    ETA: for clarity 

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  • He is wearing fleece footed pajamas, that is all. He also has a small blanket. It is suppose to be in the 40's overnight but its 70+ in our house. 
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  • Evie wears cotton pyjamas and a fleece sleep sack.  If I wake up cool in the night, I add a fleece blanket.  I do worry about her little hands though...
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  • Laura wears either cotton or fleece footed jammies, and she sleeps with a blanket. We are keeping the house a little warmer this year to make sure she doesn't get too cold. 

    ETA: nm, DH tells me the house isn't any warmer. Apparently I'm delusional... 

    Pass the sheet cake.

  • Ian wears 2 piece jammies...but on cold nights like tonight I put socks on him.  I need to get him some footed jammies.  He doesn't have any that fit right now.

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  • We've switched over to fleece footed pajamas. No sleep sack, but I've put a blanket on him since.... he came home from the hospital.
  • DD is wearing a shortsleeved onesie. And has a thin blanket that isn't even on her.
    It's 80 outside where I am. DD gets really hot when she sleeps too.
  • Ugh, this reminds me of when we first brought him home. I'd crank the heat up SO HIGH, and then wrap him up really good. While I was sweating my a$$ off, I was still worried it wasn't warm enough because his hands were cold, lol. I think they're okay. I just dress him in cotton footed sleepers, and he lays on top of a fuzzy blanket, and under a fuzzy blanket. He seems comfy. (Yes, I just admitted my LO sleeps with blankets -GASP-)
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  • I've switched to terry or fleece sleepers. He has some 2 piece long sleeve and flannel pants, so if he's in those I put socks on him. I also throw a light blanket over him.
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  • i put ds in one piece pj's and if its real cold, which it hasnt been here in texas, but once it does start getting real cold i will put a onesie under the pajamas and MAYBE even a pair of socks although I don't think he would like that. DS is hot blooded like me though and will move away his blankets once he gets hot!
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  • Abby sleeps in fleece footed sleepers. She also has a couple two piece fleece pjs that we rotate through. I add socks to the two piece ones. No blankets or sleep sacks. When it gets really cold out, I might add a short sleeved onesie underneath just for a little extra.

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  • we always do a long sleeved onesie and socks. then either a fleece footed sleeper and a cotton sleep sack, or a cotton sleeper and a fleece sleep sack. we just alternate so we always have something warm if we're doing laundry.
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  • He's in cotton sleepers & a sleep sack.
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  • DD sleeps in long-sleeve footed sleepers (cotton, terry, fleece - we have all varieties). We keep the house at 70, so she's plenty warm!

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  • Her room is usually right around 60. Sometimes, when it drops into the 50s, I'll turn on an electric heater (before you flame me, I only use it when she's in the crib). 

    She wears a short-sleeve onesie, a cotton sleeper, and a fleece sleep sack. And I put a blanket over her.  

  • LO has graduated out of sacks (kicks constantly and wakes herself up when in them) and is now in microfleece footie pajamas or pants and a long sleeve onesie with fuzzy socks.
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