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Newbie question about baby carrier preference

Hi all.  I've never posted on this board before, but I thought you ladies would be the most knowledgeable group to ask my question.  I am looking to buy a new baby carrier for DD, who is 6 months old.  She is quite a chunker (pushing 20lbs) and I'm 5'1".  We have a bjorn, but I hate it because of how it kills my back and shoulders after 10 minutes.  I have a sling too, which I find to be very comfortable, but DD gets fussy in it pretty quick.  I'd like something that is not only going to give me better back support but that will allow me to transition to wearing her on my back as well.  I'm looking at the Ergo and the Boba.  What do you all recommend?  I'm also paranoid about her getting to hot in it during the warmer months, so if one is more breathable than the other, please let me know as well!  Thanks!
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Re: Newbie question about baby carrier preference

  • I can't compare the Ergo to the Boba, but we purchase the Ergo Performance as a "summer carrier."  It's a little more breathable and lighter than the Pikkolo we used from October-June.
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  • I'm with the poster above; are there any stores in your area where you might do a carrier trial program? Or where you might bring your LO in and at least try them on in-store? They each have benefits and drawbacks and may work better for certain body sizes etc. 
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  • Hi ya.
    I'm new here so hello to all fellow ap mum's:. I have just got the Ergo as my little one is now 14 mth and outgrown the Bjorn and i really like it. He seems happy on my back and if sleepy i pop him on my front and he snoozes for ages. It is comfy and you can apparently feed whilst bubba is in although i haven't tried yet. So yes we like the Ergo but the advice about trying one out at a group is s good idea as they are pricey.
    Good luck :
  • I'd actually suggest finding a place/babywearing group near you where you can try before you buy.  Buckle carriers in particular fit rather differently from person to person.  Between just those two, based on nothing else, I'd say the Boba as it is taller and she's already 20 pounds.  The Ergo is safe but is a smaller body which over time will be less comfy as she gets bigger and is able to lean out.  My siggy link has some other info which might help you sort out what to look for.
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