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Anyone have any experience with either or sittercity in finding credible, reliable nannies or babysitters? I signed up for the trial period and some of the profiles seemed too good to be true? lol..Anybody know of good sources to find nannies in atlanta (other than agencies?)
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  • We found our regular babysitter on and couldn't be happier, but we do not have a nanny experience.

    Another site I've seen mentioned is


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  • Thank you mingaling2 for your response....the last I checked with was a little pricey... but these 2 sites are pretty affordable, so I've now signed up with both and am going through the process of looking thru profiles..
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  • I've used both sites to find nannies. I had 1 bad experience with someone from sittercity, but I would still use the site again. They are both very cost effective and easy to use. The key is to screen the applicants on these sites very thoroughly. Do your homework and ask questions. Just because they are on the site doesn't mean they have actual nanny/child care experience. Just something to keep in mind.
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  • We found our first nanny through sittercity and second nanny on We got lots of responses to both ads. It took a lot of time to go through all the applicants and decide which would work with our schedule and seemed like worth talking to. It has been a few years since I have used them, but at the time I preferred because your membership price included background checks. Sittercity we had to pay extra for every background check we wanted run. I thought both were a good value and resource. We loved our second nanny, so both time and money well spent. I will probably be using again to find a nanny again to start for us in January. Good luck!
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  • Thank you! I signed up for both and so far I have gotten about two dozen responses.  I have interviewed six so far and it's going to be a tough decision to make.  I like how these sites have already done the background check for you on the applicants. 
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  • I used to be a nanny at Seeking Sitters and I loved the other nannies I met. The woman that runs the ATL office, Cecilia, is great and very helpful. You can put down preferences for which nannies you like and if they are free they come, if not you get whoever is free. A whole network of nannies was something the families really liked. Plus, the nannies are all put through an FBI background check. They would be my recommendation. 
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