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Thinking about moving to Maine :)

Hey Bumpies.

A little intro: My SO and I are both 21, and expecting our first son in just a few short weeks! He is originally from Northern CA, and I am from Southern Ca. We both now live (temporarily, hopefully) in Southern CA. I just completed my final semester of school in July, and have been taking a pause on the job hunt as of late. Seeing as though I was 5ish months pregnant when I graduated college, I hadn't been having any luck with a job hunt.

I am now currently trying to pursue my career in travel, tourism & hospitality. We both really love Maine, and wanted to ask fellow parents and/or parents-to-be:

  1. What is the cost of living in your neighborhood? (median income, housing costs, etc.)
  2. What are the demographics like in your neighborhood?
  3. (in your opinion) Where are the safest neighborhoods for a family?
  4. Have you made the move from out of state? From where? What was it like?
 Thanks for all your help, ladies!

Re: Thinking about moving to Maine :)

  • Hi MLM:) 


    Maine is a good place to find work in your field, not so much in many other fields. Depending what your S.O. does, you might want to consider that. 

    The cost of living is relatively low compared to many parts of the country. It can be remote. Unless you are living in Portland, you may have to drive 15 or 20 minutes to get to a larger grocery store, in some places, it can be even an hour + drive. Most neighborhoods are safe, particularly away from cities, even our cities are probably safe by comparison to many states.


    I moved here from Rhode Island. 

    One thing I miss is the cultural diversity, as well as  the variety of ethnic foods and convenience of stores all around. To me, though, the nature and safe place to raise a family makes it worthwhile.

  • I moved to Maine from Connecticut.  Then I met my husband here and we are living in Westbrook.  It is a city, right next to Portland so everything is fairly close, but also more of a town in the sense that we live in a nice neighborhood surrounded by nice families.  I love it here.  We live within 5-10 miles from about 4 or 5 grocery stores, right around the corner from Kohls, Home Depot, Lowes and more and about 10 minutes from the Mall and Walmart.  I definitely do not miss the fast pace of CT.  I hope this helps.
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