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hip and back carries

I think it's time for me to try some other carrying positions with my LO as she's starting to get heavy for always wearing her on my front (facing me).  What are your favorite online instructions for hip and back carries for SSCs (specifically Ergo, Beco Gemini, and Action Baby Carrier) and Mei Tais (Freehand)?  I've also not figured out the hip carry for my ring sling (Maya Wrap).  I'd like to know of some good instructions I can print out (I have some that came with my carriers, but I often get confused trying to follow them), but particularly good video clips would be helpful too.  Thanks!
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Re: hip and back carries

  • Honestly, I think the hip carry in an SSC or MT is a PITA - can be done but not particularly convenient or comfortable compared to other options.  I'd stick with your Maya Wrap for that.  I think Maya wrap has videos either on their website or youtube.  I know Sakura Bloom does so you might search for their channel.  If you've done a tummy to tummy legs out carry in your ring sling, the hip carry is just the same but with baby shifted over to the side away from the rings.  I actually don't wear fully on my hip as I find about halfway between front and hip most comfy.

    For back carries...I have a MT video on doing a high back carry here :  https://www.becomingmamas.com/wearing-a-newborn-in-a-mei-tai-high-back-carries/ - it says newborn and E is pretty small in the video but you do it the same way - just adjust where you tie the straps to get the height right.   I put on buckle carriers pretty much like I do a mei tai - buckle it on and scoot LO back there, hold on to LO with one hand while I pull up the carrier.

    Oh, and in that video I toss E over my shoulder.  I switch to a hip scoot (which is what I do with C at the end of the video) once baby can sit.  But you can do it either way - whatever is easies. 

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  • Agree that I only do a hip carry in my ring sling. It's really easy - just like the front carry only on your hip. Make sure the bottom rail is well under her bum.

    Back carry is easiest to try with some help the first couple times, but it doesn't require much adjustment of the SSC. Or any, really.

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  • I actually really like the hip carry in my Ergo, but I'm sure height, size, and torso length come into play there.  I don't like it at all in the Mai Tai.  I tend to use the Ergo for hip carry, and the Mai Tai for back carries.

    I figured out hip carry on my own by reading the instructions that came with the ergo.  It's pretty self-explanatory after reading them.  Back carry in the mei tai I watched this and then practiced over a bed a couple of times.

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