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S/O: Those who work while the kids are in school...

Do u mind if I ask what type of work u do? I was just reading the responses to the preschool poll. I would love to earn $ while my girls are in school (rather than spending it at Target) but they only go 6 hours/week. I did a little freelance writing and some mystery shopping but there hasnt been much opportunity. I'm hoping to find something more when they're in kindergarten. Just curious what type of work those do? Thanks

Re: S/O: Those who work while the kids are in school...

  • I work while the boys are in school but fortunately our preschool offers a before and after care program for parents that have jobs outside the 9-3 hours (and I would think most working parents do, unless you are a different shift).  I think it would be pretty hard to find a job for 6 hours/day (plus factor in driving time, etc).  I do know a few parents that work from home that are able to get a majority of their work done during the 6 hours.  That being said, I am a dentist and would not be able to work unless I had the extra hours before and after the standard preschool hours.
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  • I do writing and reporting for my former trade press employer. I didn't find this job by looking for it; my old boss contacted me to see if I was interested. 

    I have to commit 20 hours a week, and the only way I'm able to do phone interviews professionally is to have someone here taking care of them while I work. So I have to pay for childcare. 

    Which means the jury is still out on whether I actually make money or just break even. But after four years as a SAHM, DH and I decided that as long as we broke even, it was too good an opportunity to pass up. I get back into the workforce, build up my resume and clip portfolio again, and still have afternoons with my girls. It's a good long-term decision even if it's not very profitable in the short-term. 

    Once DD1 is in kindy and DD2 is in preschool, I may even go from breaking even to making money.  


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  • I work 30 hours a week in Human Resources.  I work three days a week from 8-3 while the older boys are in school (preschooler is home with the nanny).  The other two days I work remotely while LO is in school for 2.5 hours.  I also put in a couple of hours in the evening to get to 30.

    My boss has been amazingly flexible with my schedule (but I had to quit in order for her to be receptive and keep me on).


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  • I work at a Daycare/Preschool.  My DD attended the program till this year, seeing now she is in Kindergarten Sad.  I love my job and I loved working at the same place my child attended.
  • I work about 25 hours a week.  I practice civil litigation at a small law firm.  Kiddo goes to preschool 3 full days a week, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  So far it's been working out pretty well for us.  I would not want to work full-time with a small child, and I love having Tuesdays and Thursdays off to play with the kid.
  • I work in the family business :)

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  • Academic adminstration.  DS is in the after school program also, which includes (for a fee :-) a Spanish class.

    When I was a SAHM, I found very few professional jobs that would accomodate a 6 hour a week work schedule.

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  • I'm a pharmacist and work part time.  I have to work every other weekend, but have every monday and friday off in return.  It works with DH's schedule since he's a nurse and does mainly 12 hours shifts, which we try to schedule for the days I'm off so that they have either me or DH home with them for most of the week.
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