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Jude's Birth Story (long)

I woke up on Saturday October 13th, because DH had just got home from work. The second he laid in bed, I felt like I had leaked. I quickly got up to examine the sheets, there was no water, no nothing. So, I went to the restroom and there was a load of blood. At that point I started to feel pain in my stomach and back for the first time.

I called the doctor and she told me to come in and that my regular doctor would not be there, but she would be taking over for him. But he later came and assisted the first doctor.

We drove to the hospital and I was in triage, still bleeding. Before I knew it, there were about six people in my cubicle asking me questions, like when I last ate, what my pediatrician's name was. I couldn't remember and all I could think about was my worry for my son and the fact that I was dying from thirst. At this point the contractions came every minute, and this was only a half hour after the pains had begun.

So the six people prepped me for an emergency c-section. My DH was not allowed in the room and I was told that my son would probably end up going to the NICU, since he was not due until November 6th. I was out like a light very quickly, because I was placed under general anesthesia. Later DH said it was only about 15 minutes later that he saw our son for the first time.

I woke up some time later, and got to see Jude in the NICU about two hours after I went under. He is still in the NICU, but is doing much better than he was. 

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