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how do you handle meltdowns? My 4 year old just about lost her mind last night over TV...kicking and screaming...after calmly explaining to her that this behavior was unacceptable and warning her that if she didn't stop she would be put in her room. I carried her in there and closed the door. She immediately tried to get out....we held the door shut and she proceeded to kick the door and continue to scream. I told her calmly that I would not open the door until she calmed down. It was like she was possessed! She was definitely tired but really?? I just feel like when this happens...definitely not that much...I don't know how to handle it.  Any advice welcome :)


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Re: Meltdowns

  • DD is younger than yours, but when this happens I just walk away.  My mother was always of the mindset that children need to just let it out sometimes and if you just allow them to 'meltdown' they feel better.  Provided of course they are not hurting themselves, anybody else, or destroying property.

    After DD has calmed down (she doesn't have to stop crying completely, but is at least calmer) I just go over to her and say I know you are upset because...I ask her if she wants a hug and then we move on. 

  • This is what I do with DS when he gets like that. I used to have to hold the door for a moment, but now he actually stays in his room until he calms down. It's almost like he knows he needs to take a break.

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  • imageLuhdashuh:
    I send her to her room and tell her she needs a break and come back when she can talk to me calmly. She usually will just go up there on her own, scream sone more and then come back and talk to me about whatever the problem is. If I were to shut the door on her, she would definitely escalate so I just stay downstairs and ignore. If she comes back screaming I just remind her I can't help her until she takes a break and calms down.

    This. I just keep sending or carrying him back to his room. I would never hold the door shut on him. That would ramp up anxiety and a fear of being trapped in him.
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