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How cold does it get here?

I'm not sure I need to buy a heavy winter coat for my 3 yr old. Last year we were in Texas and he used his heavy coat maybe twice. Do I need to buy one or can he get by with a 2 in 1 light coat (fleece liner + light jacket on top)?
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Re: How cold does it get here?

  • It depends on the year but pretty much every year other than last year a heavy coat has been needed. Last year was unseasonably warm here and a heavy coat was barely needed, but the year before that we had a huge snow/ice storm that had people stuck at home for a week and it was cold the rest of the season. I usually order the 3in1 coat from children's place. 
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  • I always buy the 2 in 1 coat frn Carter's plus gloves and hat from old navy. That's usually warm enough. Two years ago when we had the big ice storm I just layered bailey with a long sleeve shirt, sweater then his two n one coat. He was perfectly fine. 
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