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FTM: "Like a slow motion explosion!"

The title is exactly how my husband has been describing our first time birth story! (Sadly the story is longer lol)

Our baby boy was due October 5, 2012 and for several weeks prior to this date I had experienced the apprehension of false labor a few times having had contractions lasting 12 hours and then by morning completely fading. I hadn't ventured to l&d for any of these telling myself that when it was real labor, i'd know it!

October 5th came and went, but October 7th was our day!

I woke up at 7:30am, went to use the bathroom and in the process lost my mucus plug (no blood/pink tinge to it) and headed back to the bedroom to suggest to my husband that we should sleep in. Just as I went to lay down again I had a sudden contraction that made me physically double over. I made my way to the bathroom to get a drink of water and by 7:40am I was in the full throws of labor, I could hardly move or speak through each one.

My husband started timing them and we both took quick showers with the plan to head to l&d. By 8:30 we were admitted to triage where the nurses were certain I was being melodramatic for only having had contractions for the past hour. They checked me and in that short time I had went from 2cm dilated to 6, needless to say they were surprised and moved me straight to a delivery room.

By 9am I was 9cm dilated and past the point of them offering me any drugs or epi (our plan was to go natural anyway). My labor nurse was amazing. AMAZING! and my husband was too, he was an incredible coach to have by my side.

After pushing continuously from 9am to 11am and my water still not breaking, they decided it was time to call the doctor in and get him to break the membrane. He came in 15 minutes later and as soon as he had broke the membrane I was ready to go. 

By 11:30am we were holding our baby boy, Calvin Ender, 7lb 2oz and 21 inches long! We stayed in our recovery room over night and have been home since yesterday (October 8th) afternoon.

My husbands description is accurate for sure, four hours of labor and a gorgeous baby boy, we couldn't be happier = ) 

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