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kids bday party w/ one month old

hi! my husband and i are invited to a 1 yr old birthday party for a good friends kid. 

our baby will be just about a month at that point. my husband thinks its a good idea to get out of the house especially somewhere kid friendly, but I'm hesitant. 

im not opposed to taking the baby out on quick trips and errands but we haven't been around little kids yet.  i don't expect we'll be hanging out around the little kids too much, more like holding the baby and socializing with the adults. any thoughts on this?

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Re: kids bday party w/ one month old

  • I took LO to a 1 year olds party yesterday.  She slept in her carseat a good portion of the time (we put the car seat up on a table and once she was off the floor the kids ignored her totally).  I held her the rest of the time, or a good friends mom held her.  No one even tried to touch her without asking.  I say go and get out of the house.  Our LO is a preemie and we haven't went many places, but it was nice to get out.


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  • We are going to a 5 year old's party today and I am bringing both kids.

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  • Not exactly the same, but I took DD to work (a preschool) at 5 days old. It was nice to be out of the house and not have to worry that her crying would bug anyone.
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  • I took my lo on a 3 hour trip to go to my uncles funeral when she was 2 weeks old. Many adults and kids held her. Just made sure they didnt have any cold symptoms and made sure everyone washed their hands first. If lo is breastfed there is very little risk of them getting sick. Hope this helps!!!
  • Hi there, just lurking here...but I'm planning my 10yr old daughters bday party at a bowling alley and my lil baby girl will be about 1 month old at the time. Its good to get out of the house and be social to connect with other adults :) Just bring the hand sanitizer lol
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  • I took my baby to two 1-year old birthday parties in the same day when he was about 6 weeks old.  None of the kids even paid any attention to him.  I just held him pretty much the whole time and he slept off and on.  I think you should go, it is good to get out of the house.  If you're worried about germs just don't let any kids touch or hold him.  Most people I've been around tell their little kids not to touch the baby anyway, so I've never had a worry about it.
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