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How far in advance do you schedule a csection?

Sorry, this is probably a dumb question. DD was induced, DS csection due to size... I'm back and forth between VBAC and csection this time around. If I scheduled a csection though, generally when do they happen? I'm thinking it might be nice to know because all of our family is across the country and I would love the extra love and attention for my other "babies". Last time my mom had to book flights a few days before flying out and it cost a fortune, so if I have a ball park date to work with in advance it might be easier/cheaper for her. TIA
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Re: How far in advance do you schedule a csection?

  • Last time I had mine scheduled for dead on 39 weeks. I ended up having DD at 38w 3d though as I went into labour.
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  • I am in the same boat as you-family is several (large) states away.  I asked my OB about it and she told me if I decided to do a RCS we would schedule it for either 38 or 39 weeks.  I would imagine that your OB should already know what days are possible (they usually have days blocked off for surgeries-like every Friday is for ob/gyn surgeries, or every tues/thurs they do c/s) so I would ask at your next appointment.  Just explain that you need to get family out to you and you'd like to have an idea of what week and what day that week that you will be scheduled and they should be able to give you basic ballpark.  

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  • I was told that if I wanted a csection, I would have it at 39 weeks.  Which is a Sunday, so I don't know if it would be before or after 39 weeks, his usually surgery day is Wednesday, I assume he does csections that day too.

     It was never mentioned when the actually scheduled would occur.  I am not sure if that is because I hope to vbac or not.  I would assume they are scheduled a month or 2 in advance,  but if you really wanted to schedule, so plans can be made, etc... you can probably do it soon.  

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  • I have to have a RCS this time around so the dr is already aware. She said they normally schedule for 39 weeks. I'm going to ask her (in 2 weeks) if we can get me on the schedule soon so that way I know for sure that will be my c/s date. My mom will be coming from the other side of the country so the sooner she can buy her ticket and take off work the better. I know LO can be stubborn and come early but all I can do is hope baby cooperates! 
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  • My OB will schedule for the 39th week. I had DD1 via csection 10 days late. DD2 would have been a vbac except I never went into labor. She was born via csection 2 days late. I have a feeling DC3 will be born on whatever day we schedule.
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  • I have to have a csection because of another health issue and my doctor said it would be my 39th week and they would schedule it a few months out the exact day of that week depending on doctor's schedules.  Always a chance the baby could come early but it will be nice to have some idea.
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  • I scheduled mine at the beginning of September for December 27th, at 39w1d.

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  • I think it depends on the situation but I have a co-worker who scheduled hers at least a month ahead.
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  • my ob schedules c-sections after 20w for 39w or after and doesn't schedule surgeries on sundays (i would've been 39w on a sunday).  mine ended up being scheduled for when i'll be 39w3d.
  • My OB said they do C sections during the 39th week.  She said we will schedule it (put it on the calendar) at my 28- week appt.



  • My OB schedules them for sometime during the 39th week, and she said we'll put it on the calendar when I'm about 3 months out.  I'm due March 10th, and she does her scheduled c-sections on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so we already know it will be either March 6th or 7th.
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