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Can I be in a wedding 4 weeks after birth?

My close friend has asked me to be her MOH. The only concern I have is her wedding is scheduled 4 weeks after my due date. I have no idea if I will be able to handle a new baby and a healing body while at a wedding. What are things like after 4 weeks? Can I handle a few hours out of the house and on my feet?

Re: Can I be in a wedding 4 weeks after birth?

  • personally, i could not have stood up for very long after my surgical birth. however, after my vaginal birth i was feeling great right away. i think it depends on how you birth and how your body recovers. unfortunately, there is no way to tell. 

     also, keep in mind that your baby probably won't come on your due date. the average gestation for a first time mom is a little over 41 weeks (41.3 to be exact), in which case you might be just 2 or 3 weeks postpartum at the wedding.  then again, maybe your baby will come early and you'll have plenty of recovery time! 

    you will also consider that it is impossible to tell what your body shape will be that close to birth. your belly may or may not be flat again; your breasts may or may not grow (i did all my BB growing in the 1st trimester, but most women grow a cup size or two postpartum if they are breastfeeding).  so if you are in the wedding, you will want to find a dress that is forgiving and can be quickly altered if necessary.

    i don't know that i would commit to this unless your friend is going to be understanding of your postpartum condition and possible willing to make concessions (like that you sit for part of the ceremony, if necessary, etc.)

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  • It all depends on you and how well your body heals and progresses and what kind of delivery you have.  My sister had a c/s and couldnt really do too much moving laying down let alone walking or being on her feet soon after. 

    With my first pregnancy I put on alot of weight and was so mad at one of my sisters for planning her last minute wedding for 11 days after my d.d. Luckily, I was able to have my son via a v.d. and recouperate rather quickly. I hadnt lost much more than his birth weight but I was comfortable enough in my skin to not care.  I added multiple shields for my leaking situation since I was b/f and made it through her wedding and part of the reception.

    From what I understand thats not normal though (or safe since I was supposed to be in bed bc of an episiodomy). 

    If you think that youre not going to be comfortable or you are going to be focused on your appearance in the dress or too concerned with your new addition at home by all means respectfully decline.  No ones experience will make yours any better or worse since like the other ladies said it's all on a case by case basis.

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  • Thank you ladies! I'm not really concerned with the dress, I just wanted to get a vague idea of what I can expect after delivery. I am hoping to have a vaginal delivery but you never can predict. Thanks for the advice!
  • I was a bridesmaid 6 weeks after my son was born.  It wasn't bad.  The hardest part was nursing in my strapless dress.  The car and I were great friends.  If you want to do it, I think you can.  Just have help for your little one if your H is in the wedding as well.  (If he isn't, no issues). 
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