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Pediatrician charge for after-hours calls?

We went to a pediatrician open house last night.  This office charges for after-hours calls.  Is this typical of pediatricians in the area?


Re: Pediatrician charge for after-hours calls?

  • Ours makes you call a 800 service that charges.  We go to ALL Pediatrics.  Definitely different from the last place we lived.


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  • It seems to be pretty common, but does not happen 100% of the time.  Our first pedi did not charge for after hours calls, but our current one does, unless your child is then admitted to the hospital. 
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  • My pedi says that they may charge for after hours calls. From what I understand they will only charge if you are calling for a ridiculous reason, for example, calling at 2 in the morning to try and make an appointment.
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  • I called twice during after hours (once on the weekend and once on a weekday at 9pm). I was charged $10 for each call.
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  • I don't know if it's typical, but when were looking for pediatricians we were told by two different places that if you do an after hours call they will charge between $20-30.
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