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How did you get your body back after having a c-section?

I recently had an emergency C-section after going into labor 7 weeks early. I have a beautiful and healthy baby girl and feel very lucky. Now that I am getting back to myself, I am looking forward to healing and being able to work out soon. It is sometimes hard to look at the scar but even harder to look at my belly. I consider the c-section to a be a battle scar to be proud of after having a healthy little angel. But looking at a swollen tummy is not fun. I would love to hear stories and/or before and after pics as well of Mommy's that have gotten back into shape after having a c-section.

Re: How did you get your body back after having a c-section?

  • Hi, Congratulations and Welcome! I gained 32 lbs when pregnant. I breastfeed, and found my hunger was immense when first starting BF, more than when I was pregnant, even. So I never cut back on eating or anything. I eat healthy, but I eat what I want.

    I walk daily with my son in his stroller, but I don't really work out. I don't have childcare at my gym - and my LO still doesn't sleep through the night. We did just purchase and ellptical so I am hoping to work out at home.

    It came off slow - the first 15lbs were gone by the time I came home from the hospital (baby was 7lbs 1oz). At five months I felt almost back to normal. I am now 1-2 lbs to my pre preg weight.

    I would not say my body looks the same - I have a layer of flab still, but oddly, my butt and thighs are thinner, which was usually my problem area.

    So, my advice, go slow. Eat healthy, do what you can for exercise once you are cleared at your pp visit. If you are able to get to a gym or work out, good for you! It WILL come off eventually. I would say it takes 6months to feel "normal" again. And a full year, I hear, to look as you did before.

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  • First and most importantly, take your time and don't do too much too soon.

    I gained ~30lbs with DD and lost 22lbs by 2w pp. For about 3-4 months after having her, my midsection felt more loose than it used to and those extra five pounds held on. Around 5m pp, I started walking regularly and doing 30 Day Shred at home during DD's naps, and I also started a job that had me on my feet all day long doing manual labor 1-2x per week. By 6m pp, the last of the baby weight plus an extra couple pounds had fallen off, and I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans again.

    My body healed and tightened up in its own time, and I'm glad that I took the time to let it. Congrats on your baby girl and good luck.

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  • I've had 3 c-sections so far and will have my 4th next week.

    After my first, I bounced back, no issues. After 2 and 3, it was a LOT of HARD work to get to where I was "okay". But then I kept getting PG again. I don't gain a lot of weight PG. I gained 24lbs with 1 and 2 and 18lbs with 3.

    This time, I started working with a personal trainer DURING my PG. I have built a good foundation. I have only gained 11lbs total and am almost 39 weeks. But, I've been working really hard to stay on top of my body because I KNOW that this c-section will give me a flabby belly again.

    Give yourself some time. Core exercise (pilates) is probably the best at getting you back a good abdominal section.


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  • Stroller Strides and Weight Watchers starting when DD was 6 weeks old. I started slowly. I'm probably in the best shape of my life. My belly is still a bit squishy, but my clothes fit and I feel great.
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  • For the first few weeks I didn't "diet" because I was brastfeeding, but I cleaned up the way I ate a good deal. Fruits, veggies, lean meat, low fat dairy and only whole grain/whole wheat type carbs and water. After I started feeling better (6 weeks) I started walking every day. Around 4 months I started doing a couch to 5 K app to help me start running (never had run before). Fortunately DD loves daily runs in the jogging stroller.  I ran my first 5K race while pushing DD in the jogging stroller a few months later and was super proud of myself. I also joined Stroller Strides. For me, I have to exercise to get back myself together, diet alone won't do it. The challenge was finding things I could do with DD in tow because I don't have any help with childcare and DH works all hours.
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  • I was a size 0 and in really good shape prep. I gained 28 lbs. I lost almost all the weight within 2 weeks, but these last 4-5 lbs are killing me. At 5'1. 5 pounds is another dress size. So I still can't fit into my clothes. I'm 4 months pp. My abs were so weak after the c. Since I like to work out I'm been working my a** off, and my belly is still a bit squishy. I've never had to work this hard to tighten and loose a few pounds. But I sware I will !! :)


  • I didn't have an emergency c-section with my first so I'm not sure how different your scar is but my  scar is barely noticeable after almost 2 years  of giving birth to my soon. I breast fed and pumped until my son was 14 months and I tend to think that helped me lose all of my weight within 6 months of birth. I didn't get the pooch and I'm hoping with this pregnancy that I bounce back as quickly with this one. I will also say that running around and carrying a child up and down the stairs also helped burn some calories. Don't stress yourself.

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